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the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
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Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
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 She who is called Tsuchikage.

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PostSubject: She who is called Tsuchikage.   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:39 pm

Name: Ophelia Distrozione

Nickname: She'd adore you if you called her Mother. Though most don't~

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Rank: Tsuchikage

Former Rank:

Village: Iwagakure

Former Village:


Elements: Earth [Main], Fire [Sub], Diamond [Kekkai Genkai+Earth+Fire= Diamond Manipulation]
[Kekkai Genkai+Earth=Quartz Manipulation]

Kekke Genkai: Kouseki Kurie-Shon
The Kekkai Genkai that birthed the Distrozione's fortune, these 'Mineral Creators' power is created from the powers of earth and sand, things that create minerals and gems, to leaned how to manipulate the substances in ways that aided them.

Personality: Ophelia acts like what some may call sickeningly sweet. She treats everyone as if she were their mother and always calls people things like 'dear', 'honey', or as a joke around some, 'baby'. She rarely refers to people by their true names. She can also be flirtatious if it gets whats she wants. She sees beauty and tits as an efficient weapon and nudity as the best armor in needed situations.In this way she more or less regards the entire female body as a tool, or hers, at least.

She's usually eerily calm in nearly every situation, accepting everything with a knowing smile and answering lies with an arched eyebrow telling a person she knows it is a false, but will not point it out and trusts their better judgement, showing how much she trusts [her] people to do the right thing.

She ignores slams and insults to herself completely, but if one where to attack, insult, or belittle one of her nin, she more or less cracks out of her calm shell and flips out like a mother would if her children were under harm. So she's obviously a little over protective of her nin, and when any betray her village, she aims to capture them back alive and have them atone for their sins as long as they did not harm any of their fellow nin. If so, she would have them slaughtered in cold heart with her own two hands.

She'd make a great mom, eh? 8D;

Appearance: No one knows what Ophelia really looks like except perhaps her parents, but sadly they are dead and the dead can bear no witness. She simply has an extreme wardrobe of various outfits she rotates between, the same going for her wigs and eye contacts.
Her wigs are usually dreaded and in various shades and colors or in duchess-like forms the range from various colors.

However in truth, hidden beneath those wigs and disguises, she has a large amount of hair which is such a dark shade of violet it appears to be black, accompanied with eerie yellow eyes.

She's 5"5' tall and weighs about 108lbs. She has a [card-style] diamond tattooed in the center of her bosom which her enchanted axe Seigi is contained in.

Most Used Duchess and Dreads Are Below.
Let's just say she likes her fashion to make a statement.


The Distrozione family trails back thousands of years, some say even before the beginning of time, though most dismiss it as the silly rambles of old men. Originally merchants, the Distorozione family was known to be greedy, grabbing whatever they could and selling it for slightly less then their competitors as to rack up more customers. They sold everything the could get their hands on, but the one thing they loved the most was jewelry and gems. Diamonds, to be specific, for they sold for ridiculously high prices. Any Distrozione who sold a dozen would be able to retire for the rest of his life, but the merchant families only came across one diamond per every five years if ever.

When Ophelia was a child of just 5, her family had come across a diamond, and she was completely dazzled and smitten with the beautiful gem. The thought shot in her head and stuck. She had to have the diamond. So as her family sought to sell it, Ophelia plotted to keep it for herself. Sadly, her efforts were useless, and she simply got caught and punished, locked in the back of the wagon for a week, but while she was in there, she was plotting more seriously then before.

Though she was born into a family of merchants, hers was still a family of ninja. She had seen her parents work to create small minerals and gems, but nothing too fabulous. Then her mind wandered to what her father instructed her on gems, the things the Distrozione's valued more then life. Minerals, Jewels, Gems... They were formed with fire, earth, sand, and various things. The fire's of the nice blacksmith's had frightened her back then, so she scratched that idea out. She would go to school and learn all she could about the elements of earth and sand and how to bend them to her will, and with that, she would find a way to make all the gems she could ever need. Enough to keep her entire family retired for generations. That was all it took to get her head set on it. She wouldn't let the dream go, no matter how old she got and how many failures she faced.

[Academy Arc]
On the day of her ninth birthday, Ophelia and her family where in Iwagakure selling various clothing pieces Ophelia had sown and stews and pies she’d cooked. Before her parents presented her with the sole gift she got on the day of her birth every year, she interrupted them, passion flaring in her eyes as she clutched onto her dream by the strings, as if afraid it would float away from her if she waited any longer. She asked them if they would leave her in the ninja village to man her own permanent merchant stall.

She’d sell from it and sleep under it at night and by day she’d attend the nearby Ninja Academy in an attempt for self-defence. Though it is what she said, it was not what she truly meant. She wanted to become a ninja to achieve her dream of having her own diamond, though how she took that, no one but she knew. Her parents weren’t angry or mad, but rather ecstatic. They said she’d really grown in these last four years and they thought her to be mature enough to take care of herself. They’d accept as long as she let them treat her to an Inn room with them for a simple week while the three of them studied the economy in the village to see what would and would not sell.

Then an event so traumatic [to Ophelia] occurred that almost ripped her away from following her dream, and would’ve if she was any weaker of a person. She woke to the sound of frantic screams from her mother and profanities leaking from her father’s mouth, and then it all went silent. She heard the creek of feet and the soft press of her father’s lips on her forehead. Then she heard his numerous apologies he thought he was making to her sleeping form.

He apologized for killing her mother, and then apologized for having her without getting married to her. There would be no papers, no proof. A great murder in his eyes. Then he apologized for things he was going to do. He apologized for leaving her, but he had to get back to his real family. He said he had a wife and two children that were legally his own, a daughter and a son. He apologized again because he wanted to take her home- he liked her more than his current daughter, but his son would be suspicious, and then he wished her luck on her first day of the Academy.

She felt sick as she heard him clatter out of the Inn, cursing him a thousand times under her breath. One day she’d see him again. She would seek him out, not out of vengeance or hate or revenge....

She’d seek him out and ask him why.

[Genin Arc]

Luckily enough, her ‘Father’s’ whispered words of good luck seemed to carry her smoothly through the Academy, and when she was 12, she graduated and was put in a team with two average members, none great at any specific thing but rather average at them all, which was good. She was slightly above average, and she was proud of herself because she knew her mother would be proud of her. She didn’t care at all what her ‘Father’ thought. She couldn’t even think of him as her father anymore.

She got by for the next year or so by acting average around her group but staying after hours to train with her sensei. She could only do it three times a week and they would train from when the sun set until came the time it rose. Ophelia wanted to train more than three times a week, but her merchant stand would not man itself, and if she didn’t sell, she wouldn’t eat, and if she didn’t eat, she’d grow weak. If she grew weak she wouldn’t be able to go on missions with her team or train with her sensei, and those thoughts drove her from even thinking of leaving the stall unmanned for more than three nights.

It was lonely and cold sleeping underneath her stall, but luckily she’d nabbed herself a book that seemed useful for achieving her dreams. Clutched in her small pre-teen hands were a large, thick book on minerals and gems, and there was a fairly large section about diamonds that Ophelia studied rather furiously. She would have her own diamond, she would. She was getting better with earth and fire thanks to her sensei, and this book was giving her valuable information... She had to try it. She had to. It was too tempting to resist.

Moving into a sitting position, Ophelia focused the fire in her hands and the earth she tore from the ground behind them, an energy she could only name as her kekkai genaki leaking out from her fingertips as she touched the two together. A flash of light enough to blind her, and there it was. A small little diamond that fit in the palm of her hand. She could almost cry, but she didn’t. She knew the basis of what to do now, and now she just had to build on it with diligent work, and that’ exactly what she did.

Her group graduated on to chuunin before her but she stayed behind, not showing any interest in anything but her research to prefect her diamond creating skills. Two years later her manipulation of diamonds was nearly complete, and only then did she consider the possibility of rising to the chuunin level. So she put forth an application, and participated in the exams as she should’ve two years ago.

Most of the kids were simply average in their skills and by now Ophelia was even stronger then she had been as a new gennin, and she got through fairly easily for the most parts though she tried to keep herself looking average and blending in. She was already 14, a good one or two years older than the gennin participating, and she didn’t feel like sticking out that much more than her age made her by sticking out with her strength. She’d have more eyes on her if it was power then age for sure.

So she managed to keep under as low as a profile as she could until one of the boys who thought he was high and mighty started harassing one of the small, fragile-looking girls Ophelia had befriended in the middle of a close-combat competition of sorts. He was being verbally and physically cruel and even though she’d already finished her match, Ophelia was filled with such a rage that she vaulted into the arena and beat the boy unconscious, leaving the whole dammed exams as soon as she was finished, not turning back once. She didn’t care about being a gosh darn chuunin; she cared about her diamonds and at the moment, the frail little girl.

A week or so later she’d received a letter at her stall from an important looking kunoichi who grinned at her as if proud while all Ophelia could muster was a plastic-like grimace until she read what was within it.

They’d passed her. She was chuunin.

[Chuunin Arc]

Even after moving up a rank, she still kept doing lower level missions and keeping to herself and her almost constant training sessions with her sensei as she worked on perfecting her diamond control and strengthen her even better control on her earth and fire elements. She also began looking into something else, something that amplified power. Quartz, something not as hard to create as diamond, and so her progress was coming along smoothly. Now that she had a grasp on her dream she had to pin it down in ever precise placing. She had to have it down perfect, or it just didn’t feel right to her.

Many nin came to see her with more elaborate jobs at higher level that had witnessed her training or heard about her through her sensei. She frowned and politely turned them down, baking them food and treating them well until they left or giving them enough to eat for any nearing missions they were going on. The nin were baffled, but Ophelia was all smiles. She mothered the people older than her like her mother had treated her and anyone who came through her door because she looked at some of these people and saw souls that had seen worse than her, less than her, and souls as pure as snow, and she admitted she loved them all. She would not accept their missions because she was so focused on her own perfection of skills, but she felt she could at least aid them in what ways she could.

Surprisingly, this brought more customers to her stall. Friends of the nin and the nin themselves came back, seduced by her food, and some left with slivers of diamonds and quartz tucked in their pocket as well as the food they purchased. If she was to give away small jewels like she had food, people might come back to buy jewels, maybe even rich people, and that would mean good things for Ophelia. Maybe she could even purchase a bigger stall, rent a house, and purchase a bed. It had been too long since she’d had a bed to sleep in. It had been what, maybe six years?

As she predicted, people looking to buy jewels came by the dozen and Ophelia gladly made the gems for them, raking in the cash by the thousands. Life was turning up for her at this point. Maybe she’d never have to sleep on the streets again. The thought brought shivers to her. Not having to sleep on the cold dirt would be nice. Not having to wear the same two dresses over and over again would be nice. Maybe when she was rich she’d buy a nice large closet to house all of the clothes she’d buy. Yes, that sounded nice to her, but it wasn’t her priority. She still had a technique to prefect, and the diamonds were so close, and the quartz weren’t too far away. With a good fighting strategy, her quartz and diamonds would prove to be some of the ultimate weapons, but she wasn’t ready to test them on one of the missions these nins kept offering her. Not yet. Not....yet.

Then he came. She didn’t know who he was or where he came from. He wore a long white trench coat buttoned up to his mouth, showing only his piercing yellow eyes. Piercing but kind and soft like Ophelia’s own. Light purple hair tied into a tight braid. He pulled down his trench coat and smiled a warm smile. Ophelia was smitten with the gentle man, but all he did was take her hand and squeeze it hard. In that one squeeze, she could feel power leaving his body and entering hers, surging through her veins. “You now have the knowledge you need”, he told her. She remembered the words well. Then he got on his knees and apologized, and the reality suddenly came crashing down on her. This was one of her Father’s sons. The first, the one he’d come home to. Then he stood up and walked away, silent as the night, a halo of light glowing around his head. He might be a monsters son but to Ophelia he was an angel. She tasted the tears running down her face before she noticed they were rolling down her cheeks, and she didn’t know she’d collapsed until she felt her knees hit the ground.

“Thank you”.

It was little to say for all her did for all he’d done for her. He’d apologized selflessly, not for himself but for his father, and then he’d given her the knowledge. She wasn’t sure how the knowledge had flowed through his hand and into her own head, but it was there and it was more then she could handle all at once. Her technique could know be perfected. Tonight, she would sleep like a normal person in a normal bed, but to her, she would feel like a queen.

She’d done it, months after. Her diamond manipulation was complete and she was far past ecstatic. She was in pure bliss. Now Ophelia accepted the higher-rank missions thrown at her by the dozen, eager for any environment where she would be able to test the strengths and weaknesses. Just because the technique was perfected did not mean it did not have its limitations or weakness, and Ophelia had to find those, and so off she went on various missions, alone on them for the first time.

Each mission was fairly simple and she always came back with good news in hand for the people who enlisted her. The missions she took slowly rose in difficulty, but she managed to get by without much more than a scratch for nearly all of them, but she thought it was simply because of the fact they were all C-rank missions, and they couldn’t be that challenging.

After a rather successful night at the merchant stall, Ophelia was approached and handed a letter like she had been given some months ago to tell her of her rank elevation. She opened the letter and was stumped at its contents. She’d been assigned a B-rank mission? It was understandable, chuunin got assigned missions of this rank on occasion, but she didn’t see why she had received it.

The mission seemed fairly simply. She had to masquerade at a brothel house for a bit as a rent girl to retrieve girl from Iwagakure who had been kidnapped by the owner of the brothel. Apparently she was important to the Tsuchikage and council in some way or the other, and that made her important to the village, so Ophelia closed down her stall and went off on her way, following the directions on the paper to the brothel house, not quite aware what it was. She didn’t bother to ask because her mind was already set on rescuing the girl who was a few years her junior.

A week later, Ophelia arrived at the doors of the Caero’iri Brothel, as the sign at the front named it. Wearing the clothing of an average traveling woman, Ophelia, still young at the tender age of 16, took the steps into her first brothel house. The other steps brought her closer to her own personal hell. She sucked in a breath as she observed the people around her. Beautiful, stunning, amazing-looking woman surrounded by men of varying appearances. She could see doors and stairs and elegant decor- but she could also hear the creaking of beds in the back. She paid it no notice, though it did perk her curiosity.

One of the rent girls noticed her and laughed, and even that was cute and smooth as the silk on her dress. “Oh, so you’re one of those, are you?” she asked, the question followed with another bubbly laugh. Ophelia didn’t understand and merely thought the girl knew she was a Iwagakure nin, and from that assumed this was the girl she’d come to get. It was a reckless assumption she’d come to regret, but she nodded to the girl nonetheless. The girl laughed again and stood, beckoning Ophelia to the one of the rooms. She had no idea what exactly was happening, but once she got inside, the girl was pulling her top of. Ophelia, still one to be embarrassed at that age flushed a crimson red and held her hands over her face, pleading with the girl to stop.

The girl stopped, puzzled, and then relaxed, asking Ophelia if she was lost. She shook her head and gave her the name of the girl she was looking for. The girls face was filled with pity, but she told Ophelia to follow the screams to the back room, and then she told her to run away, but Ophelia refused. She was not running away from someone screaming like her mother was in her last moments. For all she knew, the girl could be dying, and so off she went, running after the screams to something she’d regret seeing.

So she ran right in as the owner of the brothel, the man who had kidnapped the girl- whose’ name was Jai- was ripping her maidenhead from her by force. Ophelia just stood there for a moment, what she was seeing fazing her completely. She fell to the floor clutching her head, trying to digest what was going on as the owner took noticed of her. By the time she’d realized her mistake all was black.

She spent a whole year working side-by-side with Jai as a rent girl in the brothel because she had no other choice. The owner of the shop had latched something onto her that had stolen away all of her chakra, and she’d been slowly pooling it over a long year of slavery and prostitution. She was a broken, different woman by this time. She was still motherly to all of the other rent girls and managed to put on a smile for clients, but her thoughts on her own body had warped to the point she only thought of herself as a tool, a tool that would successfully get her out of this place now that it had saved enough energy. Now? It was show time.

The owner of the brothel called her in for his ‘service’ and as he was fiddling with his belt buckle, she pressed a dagger of diamond ablaze with white-hot flame to his heart, where it burned straight through. The body dropped limp to the ground, and Ophelia spat on it, telling the corpse it was what he got for hurting Jai. Then she proceeded to storm through the entire brothel angrily, slaughtering every man within it for the sake of all the rent girls. Then, without saying anything, she took Jai by her arm and she willingly followed her out of the place before any of the other girls really had time to register what just happened. They ran to the door to see if she was still there, and upon seeing she was not, cried their thanks into the open night air. They’d never see her again, but she helped them out of a rut in their life they could not have escaped from themselves.

When she’d arrive in the Iwagakure mission office the next week, the officers were baffled. They’d sent her off as an innocent 16 year old, and now at nearly 18, she’d returned, her innocence destroyed even though she was not, her mission still completed though most though they’d never see her again. She dropped Jai off, smiling, and returned to her stall, wondering if it was still there a stall there at all. There wasn’t, but in its place was a note in elegant, flowing script. It told her about how he’d returned to see her and found the stall abandoned. He had to return home after, but he didn’t leave her with nothing if she returned. With the note was a key. She flipped over the note and it was signed ‘The Giver’. She instantly knew who it was and couldn’t stop the smile that spread over her face.

She and the unknown key made their way to the Tsuchikage’s office the day after so she could ask what it belonged to. Jai stopped her in front of the door with a wide grin and wrapped her in a tight hug, thanking her over and over again. When she was finished she winked at Ophelia, mentioning something about a surprise as she swung open the door. It was the Tsuchikage and... 'The Giver'. He smiled shyly, and Ophelia let out a little cry of joy as she leapt at him, wrapping him in a hug. His blush showed the light pink of innocence across his face as he gave her a little squeeze, bending down so he could whisper in her ear.

“Welcome back home, Jounin Distrozione”.

[Jounin Arc]

Surprisingly enough, the last words she’d heard from ‘The Giver’ in awhile had been true when he’d first called her Jounin. He’d left quickly after that saying he’d been gone too long and he had to get home to his sister, and Ophelia had felt something she hadn’t before when she saw him talk about his sister. It was jealousy that waved over her because she could see the obvious infatuation he had, but he left nonetheless and Ophelia didn’t dare breathe a word about his attraction to his sister.

For her performance, it seemed, Jai had requested her to be elevated to the level of Jounin and the Tsuchikage had accepted. It seemed that Jai was his niece and he was very happy to have her back again. When she asked him about the key, he was more than happy to show her what it unlocked. An average sized flat not too far from where her stall had been. This ‘Giver’ was so kind, as kind as she one day hoped to be. The flat had one room, a kitchen and dining room along with a room with many empty shelves that looked like they were meant to store gems. In her bedroom she found a wad of cash with the word ‘Retire’ scribbled down on it. She nearly cried that night, collapsing into her bed, the first she’d had that was truly hers in about eight years.

She did retire though. With the money she’d had from being a rent girl combined with her saved merchant money and Giver’s money, she had enough for her and a numerous amount of family members to retire, which is what she did. She sent of her money in little envelopes to a random Distrozione’s around the world with the same simple word on it. Retire.

From then on, she worked for two years on various B and A-ranked missions with Jai, who turned out to be a good fighter and an even greater friend, even after the rocky begging they had. She never heard from the Giver again, but she supposed she had all she needed and there were other people in need, and she didn’t mind too much.

Jai and Ophelia often went on missions together as their styles complimented each other, but due to a charitable event she was hosting on a certain day, Ophelia had to stay in the village while Jai went out into the world on her own. As she was tending to the orphaned children and homeless, a messenger nin hit her up with a letter. She was all smiles because letters usually brought her good things like promotions or news, and there was a possibility it could be from the Giver, but it wasn’t. They never figured out who it was from, but it stated that Jai was dead and proved it by the still warm heart which was packaged carefully in the envelope.

Ophelia and the Tsuchikage wept for weeks, joined in their misery for the little girl. Ophelia busied every moment she had with finding the messenger to track down the sender, but the messenger had disappeared. They could have been the one who killed her, and she’d let him walk away. She was crushed by this fact, and so she picked up Jai’s mission were she left off and tried to finish it for her.

As she walked out of the village she was ambushed; they were obviously waiting for. She fought valiantly and killed them all in the name of Jai, crystallizing their bodies to make her a grave stone so Jai would always be remembered, even if some did not know how the crystal was made. She and many residents of Iwagakure came the next day to bury Jai, who died at the prime age of 18.

Ophelia went on with her life, only slightly emptier then before. She’d still smile and mother people, but sometimes there was no happiness in her smiles, no joy in her eyes. She stuck close to the Tsuchikage now, mostly out of respect but also because they’d bonded over the death of Jai.

One day she found a note on her bed table in the same flowing script. ‘What gives must also take’. It was not signed, but Ophelia knew who it was from and was outraged, infuriated and broken at the same time. This was also around the time she’d begun to wear an amount of ridiculous wigs and contacts, so the Giver wouldn’t find her again, no matter how much she wanted to see him. It just would not be good for her, for she figured she’d be tempted to kill him upon sighting him.

Two years later, no one remembered the old Ophelia who didn’t wear wigs or contacts accompanied with the most eccentric outfits. Her old appearance had so much resembled the Giver’s that it was not only that she didn’t want him to find her, but the fact she didn’t want to look like him either. How dare he kill Jai? How could this be just? She made no complaints as she rushed around the Tsuchikage’s building, doing as a good Kage’s Aid would do and preparing everything for the ceremony- He was retiring and selecting someone else to precede him, and everyone’s hopes were soaring.

Of course, it really didn’t interest her. She didn’t want to be Kage, though she was slightly interested in the next person she’d been aiding unless the decided she was unworthy, which then she would be back to doing missions daily which saddened her, for she had grown attached to the building and the people within it. Even the Tsuchikage had become one of her friends, and he had even invited her to stand beside him while he announced the results, which many called an honour, so she couldn’t even think of refusing. So there she stood, beside the Tsuchikage as he rambled in a speech. She had to admit she wasn’t paying attention until she heard her name, followed by a large round of applause. “What”? She managed to ask.

“Long live Tsuchikage Ophelia!” the old Kage cried, Ophelia’s face dawning with realization.
Sweet mother of time, she was the Tsuchikage.

[Kage Arc]

So it was said, so it was. The old Tsuchikage retired and the twenty-two year old Ophelia rose to the seat, still baffled with the fact that she was such. Ophelia was a good ruler though, and treated her people like a mother. She started no random wars and less people died the first year of her rule then in a long time. She was a good ruler, and her people appreciated her, and now we stand, four years later, and Ophelia is still in her seat of power, the village still prospering as it should.

Only time will tell what else will come Ophelia’s way.

[I got lazy, kthxbai.]

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Hei Denkou
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The Black Reaper::ANBU
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PostSubject: Re: She who is called Tsuchikage.   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:51 pm

Unfortunately Sand isnt exactly an element its earth..if it were it sand would be a Kekkei genkai sub element a mixture of Wind and Earth..If Any thing Earth and Fire probably would create diamonds
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PostSubject: Re: She who is called Tsuchikage.   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:55 pm

Simply earth? Excellent, I'll swap it for fire. Though the sand was not for Diamonds, it was for the Quartz, which according to what information I skimmed through is made by sand in some way due to sand pretty much being quartz grains or something of that sort. c:

There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desirable, that calls for art or for character.
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PostSubject: Re: She who is called Tsuchikage.   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:31 am

Annnd it's done.

There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desirable, that calls for art or for character.
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The Black Reaper::ANBU
The Black Reaper::ANBU
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PostSubject: Re: She who is called Tsuchikage.   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:40 am

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There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desirable, that calls for art or for character.
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PostSubject: Re: She who is called Tsuchikage.   

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She who is called Tsuchikage.
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