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April 2018
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Eh, character

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The Hunter

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PostSubject: Eh, character   Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:51 pm

Character Name: Hunter K. Uchiha

Desired Bloodline: Uchiha

Desired Starting Element: Fire

Desired Starting Jutsu: All Fire Techniques up to A

Desired Village: None

Age: 19

Desired Rank: A-rank village

Appearance: Hunter has a scar on his left eye. His left eye is a bit weak from an old injury he had. He has brown hair blue eyes and he wears a blue shirt with a brown cloak and he has the symbol of fire on his gloves. He wears brown boots too.

Character Personality: He dislikes traitors and he doesn't believe that everything must resort to violence. He believes in peaceful resolutions, but if a peaceful resolution is truly impossible he has no choice, but to do what he must. He doesn't like people who steal or anything he hates cats. He always believed that the Senju and the Uchiha can be friends, but he was proven wrong sometimes, yet he continues on believing. He is nice to his friends and he likes people who are not cocky, but he doesn't really have a real friend except for this one Senju.

Background Info: Hunter was sometimes made fun of and sometimes feared because of his name. His parents gave it to him, but they left and his sister took care of him when he was a baby. His sister was kind, but the other kids were not as pleasant as his big sister, but he never stopped that him. He soon met a Senju who was called Raikou, but he too had somewhat a weird name, but then again it was still cool. Both of them became friends despite there clan's differences, but soon after a year Raikou had to leave for Kumogakure and Hunter never saw Raikou again. Hunter was a bit down after his best friend left, but he still continued on. He then became interested in ninjas and soon enough he joined the ninja academy of iwagakure.

Academy Arc:

Hunter was still made fun of because of his name, but that never brought him down. So he continued on studying at the academy. He became top of the class, but the others kids didn't like that so they tried to attack hunter, but hunter somehow found a way to escape. He never thought it was gonna be this hard, but he continued onward, but he still didn't have a true goal. Hunter advanced everyday for he believed he will find his goal. So he advanced and advanced and then one day he was cornered by some kids and then he outsmarted them, but still didn't stop them for trying. He struggled and thought why do the kids here keep picking on him. Then the day came when the graduation arrived. He graduated, but the kids who picked on him didn't.

Genin Arc:

Hunter was now a genin. He then was put on a squad with a strong jounin. His teammates were a Hyuuga and a Senju, but this Senju wasn't like his old senju friend. This Senju truly despised the Uchiha unlike his old friend who tried to give the uchiha a chance. Hunter still haven't unlocked his sharingan. Hunter was a shame to his clan for he still hasn't revealed his sharingan, but that still didn't stop him so he continued as a genin. He then grew up a bit as a genin, but still wasn't accepted by his Senju teammate. He then got sent on a mission with his teammates without his sensei. The Senju assumed command, but Hunter disagreed and insists that this should be a democracy. They had a fight, but that led to his teammates demise. They were ambushed by some rogue ninja who they were supposed to capture. His Hyuuga teammate was badly injured and his Senju teammate disappeared and assumed to be dead. He then felt down for a bit considering he didn't get a chance to be friends with his Senju teammate. He always looked for a peaceful resolution, but looks like he didn't find it with his Senju Teammate. Then the exams came by, but Hunter skipped it. Then the next exams came up once more, but he skipped it. He then felt bad, but he couldn't really be a part of the exams considering he needs a squad. Then he saw some of the kids from the academy who were picking on him, but he was surprised to know that they were there to help him. They became his squad and he was happy and they all passed the exams.

Chuunin Arc:

Hunter was now a Chuunin, but he wasn't really glad that he didn't pass the exams with his old teammates, but he still thought that in order to find his goal he has to continue toward his path now. So he was then sent on a mission, but he was forced to take some genin with him even though he was just a chuunin, but because his village was short on jounin even chuunin had to. So he started teaching a genin group. His genin students was a Hisui, Uchiha, and an Inuzuka. He then began teaching this group, but they were only sent on missions that was fit only for genin, but Hunter says that they deserved a higher ranking mission, but the leaders disagreed and said that they weren't ready. He was a bit disappointed that they thought his student's were inexperienced. He then began fighting it even harder, but then there villages suddenly lost even more ninja so they were forced to let them go on missions over D. Then they began onward with a B-rank mission. Hunter was happy and sad cause they only allowed them to go on a mission because they were only running out of ninja, but he didn't tell his student's that of course. They began toward the fire nation to capture rogue ninjas. As he continued onward with the mission getting closer to the target he began seeing flashbacks of his past and he sighed and then continued. They then caught up with the rogue ninja. There battle took awhile and his student's were hurt, but none of them were critically injured and they were all steal breathing. So he took at as a victory, but one of the rogue ninja they were hunting escaped. Hunter goes after the rogue ninja, but he caught up with the rogue ninja and the rogue ninja said" You left your student's" He then was shocked and he ran back to where his students were and when he arrived at them he saw the rogue ninjas henchmen unconscious then he smiled at his student's. That mission became an A-rank mission and the leaders took that nicely and they began sending them on B-rank Missions regularly and he was proud of his student's. Soon he helped them rise to the top and they finished the exams with flying colors. The village leaders were amazed that a mere chuunin was able to train genins up to the rank of chuunin and they made him a jounin.

My RP sample is my char's Jounin History, here is his history of being a missing ninja.

The young ninja had already become Tsuchikage and was bored, and so he left, in hopes of finding some interesting life..

Rp sample: Hunter is now a jounin and so he walks toward the kage's office and goes into the room his kage sitting on the chair looking out the window. He then walks toward to get closer to his desk and then he says" Tsuchikage-sama, do you have a mission for me" He says kneeling down. Then the tsuchikage turns his chair and then looks at hunter and says" Stand, there is no need for old friends to be like this" the tsuchikage turns out to be Hunter's old sensei. He then stands and says" So, do you have a mission for me?" He says with a dull tone. The tsuchikage replies" Yes, I do have a mission" He says looking at Hunter. Hunter then tilts his head to the right a bit and then says" What is the mission?" He says with a serious tone. The tsuchikage then replies with" I need you to go on a scouting mission at Takigakure" He says now with a serious tone. Hunter nods and says" Then i shall" He then walks toward the door, but then his kage said" This will be a dangerous mission" Hunter then continues and opened the door leaving his office. He then packed up his gear, but leaves his weapons and goes out of the village. While he goes toward Takigakure he couldn't help, but think of his old Senju teammate, but hunter was still the shame of the uchiha clan for he has yet to unlock his sharingan. He then walks onward to the path to takigakure, but the flashbacks continued and so he stopped and then he felt some weight on his left arm and then he was being brought down and before he went down he was stopped by a tree. He then wonders why he is feeling this way. He then shook his head and then takes some water from his bag and then washes his face with it. He then continues, but feels a bit more refreshed after that. He then arrives at the gates of takigakure, but he wasn't close enough to be discovered so he then climbs up on top of a mountain he then uses chidori to break through. He then made a whole on the mountain and then went inside of the entrance of the waterfall. He then saw a puddle and then he leaned toward it and says" I believe this is the entrance I heard about" He smiles at his reflection and then he steps back a little then he ran toward the puddle and then he dove in. He swam through an underground tunnel, but the current was fighting him and he grabbed on a rock that was on the tunnel and then started using them to get through. His breath was about to run out then he suddenly remembered his old teammate and then he was pushed back, but before he was pushed back too much he grabs on the tunnel again. He then did the same thing again and then noticed that the tunnel suddenly was brought down and when he reached the ground of the underground water tunnel the tide changed and pushed him towards the surface. He then got out of the water and he was soaking wet and then he quickly body flickered to a rock he just saw, but he still isn't sure if no one saw him. He was soaking wet so they might find him for he is wet. He then stands back up and looks around and he saw the village and he was amazed. He then continued, but this time he was jumping on houses, but he still might be able to be tracked. He then stopped at what he thought was an abandoned house. He then breath largely a bit tired. He then looks around and then goes into the abandoned house. The house was a wreck, but he wasn't picky. So he then dried his clothes and then he jumped out of the window. He then looked around and then saw his building. He then saw this amazing building so he assumed that was where the takikage's office lies. He then goes through the window of the building and noticed that this village's security was pitiful. He then arrives at his office and then stole a ninja uniform and put it on and then he ran out of another window and then ran on the roof and then arrived at his window, but still remained unseen. Then he looks into the window and saw the takikage was having a meeting, but he felt something familiar about him. Then when the ninja who the kage was talking to left the office the takikage then says" I know your there" Hunter then was shocked that he knew all this time. He then jumped into the room and says" What now?" He says with a serious tone. The Takikage then turns his chair around and then looks at hunter and says" Remember me, teammate?" Hunter was amazed it seemed like he saw his old teammate. He then jumps into the big office. Then he says" Why are you here?" With an impatient tone" What did you do" He says with a shocked tone then. His old friend then says" Now, this isn't how old friends meet no do they, but we are no such friends" he says with a serious and dark tone to hunter. Hunter then made a fist and then his eyes were blocked by some of hair and then he says" There isn't peaceful resolution to this, is there?" then the takikage replies" No there isn't" He then stands up from his chair and then goes in front of his desk and leans on it a bit and says" Either you die here or you die being a prisoner" He says with a dark tone. Hunter's tone became even more serious and then he says" Now, Lets Battle" He says and then his old friend ran toward him and he did the same. Both of them shared a punch and there fists met and Hunter then used Lightning Blade and then continues with it. Yelling his old friend running toward him with rasengan. There Techniques met once more and an there appeared an amazing shock wave and they were blown apart. Hunter's leg was a bit injured then he stands back up properly and then he goes for his pocket to get a kunai, but he then remembered that he didn't bring any then he ran toward his old friend while his old friend used an Earth technique he uses a lightning technique to block it. Then the battle drew up to the roof and it seemed this battle was getting nowhere. Hunter then used some Tai Jutsu and his old comrade used some tai jutsu as well. It seemed they were evenly matched, but one had to be a winner. Then his old friend said" Looks like you became stronger after all that time, but so have it" his old friend uses a wood technique then pushes Hunter back and broke his left arm. Hunter was hurt and then he ran toward him and then he suddenly awakened his sharingan and he saw all his movements and then he started to counter attack with amazing techniques at amazing speed. He then finished off his friend, but then his sharingan disappeared and when he tried to awaken it again he couldn't anymore and then he starts sulking that he just killed his old comrade. He then went back to his village and he arrived at his kage's office and then sees his kage, but his kage's reaction seemed like he wasn't shocked to see he was injured. The kage then said" I heard what happened" Hunter then looked down on his right and then his kage said in reply" I am proud of you" Hunter seemed shock and then said with a loud tone" Why, I have killed one of my comrades, one of your students!!!" He seemed torn up and it took his all to say that sentence his teacher replied" That is why, you did this even knowing that he was your old friend and you awakened your sharingan, but most of all you respected his wishes" Hunter seemed confused of what his teacher said and he replies" What do you mean" the tsuchikage in reply says" Well, you see when he was separated he wasn't really separated.. He became a spy for us and he started working as a ninja at Takigakure, and he finished his mission, but he wanted to stay until you came by and then both of you will have a battle, but it will help you in your journey to unlocking your sharingan.. He knew he was going to die for they were about to find out." Hunter then after taking all of this in accepted it and says to his tsuchikage" I never knew" he then left the office.
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Hei Denkou
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PostSubject: Re: Eh, character   Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:04 pm

Would you mind following the template...
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Eh, character
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