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March 2019
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Jinraiya Matsudai

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Reizū Takatō
Traveler :: A-Class
Traveler :: A-Class
Reizū Takatō

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PostSubject: Jinraiya Matsudai   Sat May 08, 2010 5:57 pm

Jinraiya Matsudai. (Originally Named Kagura)

Jin-kun, Jin-Sama, Snow Demon, Master Illusionist, Legacy, Jinraiya of the Snow.



ANBU Black Ops - Captain Level.

Former Rank:

Yukigakure No Sato.

Former Village:

Affiliations: [A Group you are Affiliated with such as Akatsuki or seven ninja swords men etc if not affiliated with an Outside group put down None]

Water, Wind (Snow Nin: Snow Release)

Kekke Genkai:
Jinraiya's Kekkei Genkai comes from the roots of his eyes. His eyes turn deep, abyss black and an thick X in the color of blue form in both eyes. Jinraiya then gains the ability of his Kekkei Genkai which is Reality Alternation. Jinraiya can alter the reality in the minds of opponents after he preform handseals of a certain jutsu. For instances, Jinraiya preforms a clan jutsu which consists of him preforming various different handseals and it doesn't activate automatically. What it does is act like a trap to the opponent's five senses. Note that it do not Do ANYTHING to the senses of anybody that acknowledges Jinraiya. For better understanding, a step by step will be displayed.

Ex: Jinraiya preform handseals of a special Clan Genjutsu(His kekkei Genkai works around the mastery of Genjutsu.) and once done completing handseals, the jutsu he made was a trap Genjutsu. So if an Opponent acknowledges Jinraiya while the trap genjutsu is set meaning if the opponent uses one or more of their five senses to notice Jinraiya after he preform handseals then they fall in an immediate genjutsu where it focuses on the mind of the opponent into believing whatever the genjutsu setting is true and the five senes the opponent has react to the setting.

Jinraiya is a sweet and harmless guy. Takes up from his father's personality and doubled by his mother's. He loves animals, Brave, he loves action yet is gentle as a flower. He loves horror and would risk his life to protect his friends and helpless people from their fears and horrors that lies within the shadows. He would dive in the pools of danger just to pull out a drowing friend in need of a Life guard from heaven. Neighbors refers to him as an Angel because of his good deeds as a child. He is intellegent yet common sense comes slow to young Jinraiya for he is a bit clueless. He is adventurous, he wants to go out and learn more. He uses logic expertly, and wants to know the meaning of the world. The meaning of Life, he is a thinker and a fighter. He has a passion for protection others and killing others aswell. He loves to drink and eat and is ultimately friendly until it comes to battling yet at the same time, fierce and dangerous. After a good battle he likes to take a rest, resting the mind is good relief of stress and since he studies the mind, he needs to take care and understand his mind first. Fruit is something he adores in any food he eats. He loves those good moments and having alot of fun. He is also a couch potato. He is a bit lazy from time to time but not all the time. He watches television and listen to music aswell. Sometimes, non-chalantly he searches for someone he can spend the rest of his life with. Explosions attract him for some strange reason aswell.

Jinraiya puts others before him which is his biggest flaw because, he would rather let harm and danger come to him before it comes to other he care deeply for. Even though he is in pain, he would put on a mask of Happiness for the benefit of seeing other not worry about him. Some would say that it's sweet and kind, however that may be true. It is killing him inside because all of that bottled up hidden emotion is eating him up inside and their is no one that can see through the thick layer upon layer of deception to rescue himself from himself. Not even his parents. As he gotten older now, his emotions started to fade away slowly, because he can never find happiness. His emotions slowly died to blank, to the point where emotions are nothing to him. He is to do what he is told. However there are still ways to reach his deep, hidden emotions locked inside his heart. However no one even tried or could do it.

Jinraiya Matsudai

When the Demon Akujin Takes over.

As a young child in the village of Konohagakure No Sato, young Kagura Matsudai's parents were proclaimed died from an intense death from enemy ninja. During their deaths, Kagura however was only the amounts of years equal to five. He was already training himself in the arts of Samurai swordsmenship. He swings his unique gifted sword of the Katamari Dynasty who is the Daimyou of the Fire Country. With this being said. Megumi trained horribly tough with them, the dynasty were in synchronization and marrige law with priestess while the males grew up specializing in samurai training and females in spells of priestess. The daimyou who was the current leader of the dynasty had his son adopt Kagura when the news went out that his parents had fallen to the mighty blade of Konohagakure No Sato's ninja. Kagura was enraged when he heard the news but wasn't too devastated. He knew his parents were no good from the first place which was the start of his heart changing more into the dark, evil side. Sakimaru, the Former ANBU Member of Konohagakure who has retired, adopted Kagura as his father wished and took a huge liking to the young boy, him and his lover did and so did the boy to the couple. Kagura then found out how amazing his family was, how his foster mother preformed amazing rituals and spells without handseals but only prayers. She was a young and beautiful priestess who fell in love with Sakimaru and his nindo.

Sakimaru, a skilled ninja who was actually good enough to be an ANBU captain resigned the offer to stay home and have a happy life with his wife, his lover who he cared dear for the most until he finally had a child of his own, to pass own his ninja Legacy but what he didn't know is that Divine however wanted to make all parts of his family happy and that was to be a samurai martial artist and ninja priest all wrapped into one being. Chakra and Chi, concentration and focus. Light and darkness. Decisions, Decisions went through the mind, body and sould of young Megumi who just made it six years of age. He was so young yet so much to deal with at a young age that all that childhood personality and all that negative energy, all the pressure thats making him going a bit insane formed slowly as he grew each second. He grew older and wiser, and at age seven he made his decision to make those that love him happy by mastering all four positions in this world. Kagura started with Being a Samurai and a Martial Artist. He trained for many years, training of the body, mind and spirit. Building Chi as he went on mind journeys to build his character, to know his place in the world. He climbed mountain tops along with his samurai and martial arts class. Fought and defeated many opponents. Using his Chi like Chakra, he was incredibly intellegent. This boy wasn't ordinary, he was different, as if a completely new person was right along side of him the whole journey. That Negative energy was growing intensely but that didn't stop Kagura from making his family happy. He felt something odd but didn't know what it was, he tried locking in himself with the world, with nature, being able to actually use his chi and all he has learned.Being linked with Nature is a great asset to Kagura's arsenal seeing as he was a born scientist and experimentalist.

Now He has done so from the age of Seven to the age of twelve where his Father's and Mother's part came in, where he had to practice being a priest and being a ninja aswell. He was a master of stealth already, he found his calling in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. He was amazing in such, soon after becoming a Genin, He felt hatred for the first time. Hating all that were stupid, hating all that were ignorant and non-serious because he gave up his childhood to please his family, he doesn't really give a care about how other's feel seeing as he lost a whole period of his life. Maybe it was the darker side talking, maybe that darker side was getting to Megumi but yet, that other half was giving Kagura a hella hard time. He had to name it and tame it as soon as possible to regain himself.

Akujin is what he called it but it wasn't enough. Akujin wanted to stay let alone take over completely but he settled with staying instead so, he had Megumi slay his neighbors each night until they moved away from the area around their home, leaving Sakimaru and his wife to move also which kept up the killings of young. During the chuunin exams, he brutally killed his opponents even in the written exam part. He was said the dig out the eye sockets of the young ninja nearby him with an ink pen and a paper airplane. During the one vs one battles he killed his opponents and kept going after they was dead.

He was young and pure evil. Priesting abilities for sealing and fuinjutsu, demons weren't too much of a problem but if they were, they were the closets thing that can match his sinister actions. When he graduted he tried to redeem himself by calming down and doing solo missions by himself, Controling Akujin by sealing him under a mask. When the mask is off or broken, Akujin awakes and all hell breaks loose but luckily that haven't happen anytime soon. Now becoming a Jounin his goals are unknown but note that they mostlikely aren't sane. During his mission in Konohagakure, they were easy, hand to hand combat was too easy thanks to his mastery at Martial arts and chi, Weapon battle, very easy, his samurai skills were unmatched. Ninja skills, superb and amazing, he was a swift killer, silent and mysterious. While his priest spells and seals were good aswell. So Easy, so fast, his skills will soon be acknowledged by a higher power one day. However during his time as a Jounin was very swift in comparison to other regular Jounin. He leaped the standards quite fast. After testing out to become a an ANBU of Iwagakure he succeeded the tests and became qualified to join the ANBU as so he did, explaining that his custom made porcelin mask he needs to keep on at all times and how he must use that mask instead of the animal ones. He gained his tattoo and armor under his custom clothing and his tanto and left for a mission but the cruelty of Iwagakure made him didn't want to return. thats when he traveled to Yukigakure for guidance in the right direction.

He found it that day when he made it to the snow village to find a huge land covered in snow. No surprise there. Kagura then gained his new life, he was still an Anbu because of his skill as a ninja he was accepted to become an ANBU of Yukigakure however he went under a new name. "The Infamous Jinraiya of the Snow." where he embarked on many, many different missions and discovered Yukigakure's dark secret.

RP Sample:

(Alittle Story I'm working on.)

Sanada was in the lunch room of the confinedment. Infact to be more specific, he was in the lunch line infront of a guy who he really didn't get along with. After awhile, Sanada got use to life in a inclose facility. He was in a prison, condemned and exiled from any sorts of freedom. Oh No!, this wasn't any sort of prison. it was a prison run by a secret underground governmental scientific organization that create experiments and run other unheard of operations such as one Sanada is about to embark on soon. Sanada is a young fellow, seventeen years old. Normal, his reasons for him being here is even unknown to him and everyone in the facility except the people that work there. Their minds have been erased and have them believe the facility is their home and all they need. However some of them are thinking it must be more to life then a life in a large facility. Sanada is one of those people who wondered but never showed or told anyone. Because disobediance is frowned upon in a place like this. So much to get deeper into however let's jump right into the point of view of Sanada as I unfold his story.

Sanada, male, seventeen, about as average as can be. Likes everything any other teenager would like. Not much different from the other teenagers outside the facility. Sanada is a planner, and a thinker, he also has great leadership skills and know how to bring people together in time of need.

"Same ole Meatloaf and Crackers?" He asked the lunch lady as he held out his tray with no surprise or shocked expression on his face. He has been eating the same food for months now and getting a bit pissed off with the same routine. WHat he doesn't know is the officials who run this facility is watching him and a few others at this very moment. The lunch lady nodded and slapped a glob of uncooked meatloaf on his tray and flicked her wrists, indicating him to get lost. Sanada frowned at the lunch and walked oer to a table. He turned around to find thousands of other teenagers sitting, talking, like high school. What is it all for? Sanada walked over to a table by himself in a corner, dropped his tray on the table and slouched on the table in annoyance as he gets lost in his thoughts. 'Tell me, Someone tell me what is it all for? why am I here? What is my Purpose? What do I do? Someone....out there....Answer me.....Answer....ANSWER ME!' lost in the abyss of his sub conscience as he shouts outloud on accident, "ANSWER ME!!!" Silence, the whole lunch room, lunch ladies and even the mice that roamed the garbages for scraps stopped in there tracks to turn their attention on Sanada who was frozen and drenched in embarrassment. Laughter sprang from the mouths of the glarers. From silence to bursts or laughter and ridicule as they pointed their fingers at Sanada and called him names. Then, Silence as they heard a buzz from the intercom. "Sanada, please report to the facility's B.F.M room for....Cleansing..." The strange woman's voice said. Fear struck in everyone's eyes, even Sanada because everyone knew that no one ever returned from the B.F.M room and cleansing means exacution to them. Once it was a guy named Tamotsu who went to the B.F.M room and the officials came back reporting to any of his friends that Tamotsu is dead due to an unfortunate accident and misunderstanding. Leaving all close friends completely closed on what truly happened. What else are they hiding? so many questions.

Sanada stood up in attention as he walked out of the lunch room, everyone staring at him. None shed a tear, Sanada was nothing to them but another body in the facility that was later gonna die. Sanada walked out the lunch room to find to girls on the outside looking right at him with their arms out. Both had a smile on their faces, they were identical however not related. Mostlikely another scientific experiment gone right. Sanada assumed that the both saw could see out of each other's eyes if thats the case and that they are two different bodies but one is a person. "Welcome, follow us to get Cleansed." They both said in unison and then blinked three times at the same time. Of course, Just as Sanada thought. He wasn't one to jump to conclusions, so he took their hands and followed, observing every little tiny detail his eyes can catch and made little notes of it in his head. However he was getting a bit distracted by the way their bums shook as they took each step forward. Infact, he stared most of the time.

As they reached their destination which was going down a long hallway, on an elevator down ten levels and through a few secret doors they reached the B.F.M room which was nothing like Sanada expected. However on the way he saw that there are other teenages who have much nicer looking confinedments than Sanada. Even air conditioner, so unfair. Sanada believed that the B.F.M room was a torture room for people who are completely disobediant, unlucky enough to be chosen to be here and was chosen to be experimented on. The girls turned to Sanada and bowed then left out of the room leaving Sanada in the room by himself. "....Wow, this place looks nice." He said as he touched the glass floor that rippled like water. Amazing, "this place is unimaginable-" He said with a light smile before he was interupted by the official known as Akago Kanamari and a girl with glasses and a large pad in her hand. "Hello Sanada" Akago said as he walked into the room from a different entrance along with the girl. "My name is Kanamari Akago and this is Kanamari Ayane, my daughter." He said as he reached his hand out towards Sanada who was alittle skeptical. "Hello Akago and Ayane." He said shaking Akago's hand. "Sanada, I believe that you, you sir, have what we need. What we have been searching for this whole time." Akago said as he let go and placed his hands back in his pocket, Ayane gave Sanada a light hug randomly but to her she did it because she knows how her fathers hates to see her with other guys and she knows what he plans for Sanada and she don't wish to see another get killed. Sanada was shocked but glad that all of this welcoming and kindness is happening all at once. He hugged back, "Why hello, why did you hug me?" He asked her but she didn't say anything. She only shrugged and smirked lightly, letting go and sitting at the desk in the middle of the room. "Don't mind her, she is just being a woman. You know how they get, right?" Akago said with a light laugh. Sanada shook his head, "...No, I don't." He responded and stopped Akago's laughter and replaced it with an, "Oh....yeah, Anyway-" Ayane folded her arms at the insulting sexist comment. "Sanada you are what we have been looking for, your young, smart, a thinker, a leader. That's what we needed, a leader." He said before getting interupted. "A leader? for what? what's going on? What is this place?" Sanada implied, attempting to burry Akago in questions. "Hold on now, I promise, if you accept my offer and do as I tell you. All your questions will be answered as you do them. I promise." Akago said with a light smirk. "What offer?" He responded.

"I wish for you to join a little operation that takes you and a few others to be trained and run missions for me, however with the training this facility runs, the missions will feel like errands you would recieve." Akago said as he placed his hands in his pockets to pull out a cigerette and a lighter. "More detail..." Sanada said. "Ah what I expected from a true leader, you make me want you more. You will be the leader of a seven-man group, including yourself, to take down enemy forces who are threatening our country and could possibly start a world war. Which would plunge us all into a ultra nuclear crysis and you really don't want that do you? You'll never get your answer. I mean, I thought this out before you came here so you don't even have to ask. I bet your wondering, 'Why me?' and 'I have no real true reason to do this, no true motivation so why should I do this? for Answers? I want more' well, I understand that. What about freedom? what about to protect others? Why should others perish for one's selfish act? Do you really want other's deaths on your hands?....Sanada, look deep into your heart, body and soul....find the true, right thing to do." Akago said as he turned from Sanada to face his daughter and smirked. Ayane slammed her palm to her face in annoyance, knowing this might end badly. "...I'll do it" Sanada said, looking down, clenching his fists tightly as his eyes flashed red when he lifted his head and Akago and Ayane turned to him in unison. They noticed the red flash in his eyes and was stunned. Akago knew something was special about him and Ayane feared that Akago was gonna like that. "I'll do it for freedom.....and ......for the people." Sanada said as his eyes flashed again and went back to normal and Akago smirked. "...Lovely."
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Reizū Takatō
Traveler :: A-Class
Traveler :: A-Class
Reizū Takatō

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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya Matsudai   Sat May 08, 2010 8:09 pm

Done Very Happy
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The Black Death :: Rouge

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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya Matsudai   Sat May 08, 2010 8:20 pm

Notes: You may want to read the ANBU rules in the rule Section also, As a snow nin you can Manipulate the Ice and snow that is around you into jutsu, you cannot Create ice that is a Kekke Genkai trait

Fear me!
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Reizū Takatō
Traveler :: A-Class
Traveler :: A-Class
Reizū Takatō

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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya Matsudai   Sat May 08, 2010 8:21 pm

Alrighty Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya Matsudai   

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Jinraiya Matsudai
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