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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 The Forgotten...

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Ryujinki Kirin
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S-Class :: Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: The Forgotten...   Sat May 15, 2010 1:02 am

[~Tamotsu Yukimura~]

["The Forgotten"]
["The Awaken"]



[S-Leveled Wanderer]
~Working to Be~
[S-Leveled Samurai]




Kekkei Genkai:

[~Tamotsu's personality is surprisingly the opposite of what people may think the first time they lay eyes on him. "Oh my god, It's Tamotsu the Awaken!" as they run from him in terror. Tamotsu is very kind, sweet-hearted. Fun and a down-right good person. The reason for this is because this is when he lost his memory of what he is. He would strike on sight with no remorse and do it whenever, and wherever because he was just that good. The old Tamotsu was arrogant yet intellegent, he wasn't as blunt as Tamotsu is now who would rush in for an attack not thinking. The old Tamotsu also is very tough with his hardened exterior meaning no one can break those his cold hearted actions and emotion for if anyone tried which they won't succeed anyway. He would strike them down within an instant. He was that protective over that and obviously very sensetive which is a bit of a mental weakness. However that isn't him today. Right now, Tamotsu is sweet, gentle hearted fellow who learned to control his cravings to go on blind yet pleasurable killing sprees on occasions and even help the injured. From time to time to survive he would kill a few animals for food.

Tamotsu takes a large liking into animals, varying from birds to snakes which are both his favorite species of animal. The snake has no limbs yet it always have the will to survive and strike fear when the birds however, fly high in the sky with no worry of ever getting attacked up their. No worries, carefree and hopefully not careless. In demon form, Tamotsu is quite the sinister. He reverts back to his cruel and evil personality. However not sadistic. It's the ONLY time he has some sort of smile on his face is when he is taking pleasure in reaping people of their lives. Whether it's the smile from the pleasure of killing someone. Or the thrill he recieves from chasing down, tracking and finding out the name of a target. Tamotsu becomes the predator and always get's his prey type personality. Tamotsu the pervert. He is very peverted and sometimes can't control wherever his hands wander off too. He would like to refer to himself, in his head every once in awhile he is "A Ladies man". He absolutely loves treating women right and often gets hooked on their beauty. He would flirts with them also but it isn't a strong enough distraction for him when he is in the "Zone."

Tamotsu is also very calm, he often likes horror and stays calm while in the way of sinister and evil things because he is use to it. He takes a liking to cruel and evil things. He is stronger than average seeing as he was trained by many people in his family to fight in hand to hand combat and firearm weaponry so he has high confidence when brawling agaisnt an opponent but Tamotsu is muniplative and would rather use his mind to defeat opponents and kill targets. Instead of going out to physically waste energy of fighting and killing an opponent or target. He would rather sit back and send others to do it or play mind games on the target or opponent instead, watching from behind as the opponent is tortured mentally and emotionally while Tamotsu doesn't even have to raise a finger for physical contact. Sometimes, in this intellegent world he cannot do so as much as he pleases. He wishes to obtain a job as a police officer or heard of a large country or city in which he can know the names of any and everyone that lives where he takes charge and kill them all, good or evil, family and friends. Tamotsu doesn't really care at all however he is alone in his mission. He decides now to strike fear in the hearts of everyone by making them bow to him and only him and for people to reconize him as the almighty Lord.

Which is his sinister plan that he knows will take more than one lifetime but with alittle help. It can take just one lifetime and not much effort. Tamotsu, lately have been known for his sinister, sadistic acts when facing incoming opponents. He would scream in pleasure as he dealt enjoyable pain on his opponents and when his opponents did the same to him, it would only drive him to want more. However in this state he has full control of his cravings, he only decides whether he should cut-loose or think smart.~]


Born in a small town near Iwagakure. First child of Former ANBU Captain, Koto and Former Jounin, Ame. Tamotsu, the hybrid son of a Yukimura and a Nara. Tamotsu is a sweet and nice guy as a two month child. Being the first child he got much attention and many gifts, but as he grew up, to the point of age three. His life turned around dramatically. He was given more responsibility. He was small and young, fragile but intellegent beyond any standards. A complete strategist. He helped his father during his time as a ANBU captain by making strategies to help his squad take on many opponents. Slowly, he and his father and mother created a huge bond, until, his younger brother came into the picture. Susanoo, the wild and crazy one of the family. Even as a new born he was more uncontrollable than Tamotsu was. Tamotsu took care of his younger brother, training with his father and mother aswell. Tamotsu is the first heir to the Legacy his father will bestow upon his children, which is where Tamotsu got his first nickname. Legacy however, took his words into great consideration training himself to no end, no resting or anything. It's just straight on training. Tamotsu then one day woke from a heavenly slumber one night to hear his parents bickering over adultery terms in which He did not make clear.

The next morning. His father had a smile on his face but in his eyes, his eyes was filled with misery. As if he was enduced with depression that it was clouding his thinking process. Kotoamatsukami declared his loyal and former retired ANBU team to escort his children to many different villages to train harder, leaving his oldest son with the sword known as Shin'en. Shin'en was the sword that took the form and shape of many different things such as different weapons he used in training. Sadly, he and his younger brother had to separate and go different locations for different training. Tamotsu went to Kumogakure but while on the move, he encountered a very long conversationaly training with first non relative master, Jikimaru, the man who also helped Tamotsu's father in various different missions together during their time serving Iwagakure and friendship. Tamotsu and Jikimaru did a process called Training Race in which they would fight each other on their way to their destination. No stopping, were the rules. This improved Tamotsu's training in leg power and speed intensely.

One they reached the area. Kumogakure was over populated with ninja of the lightning affinity which Tamotsu is embedded with but never really used on purpose. Here is where he will learn to better handle it and train with the best of it's lightning abilities. Jikimaru and the Former Raikage were brothers, who does each other favors at the time. Jikimaru gladly offered the Raikage a deal of using the village of Kumogakure to train the child of a best friend and he will repay this favor with one of his own which is still unclear to Tamotsu since thats all he heard before leaving to the underground training grounds by the ANBU. Tamotsu mostly used his other kind of kekkei genkai ability in most of his training. A young master of shadows is what his father refers to him as in training battle. Being surrounded by top of the notch ANBU of Kumogakure, Tamotsu wasn't even afraid. Instead he was excited, which interested the ANBU. He then trained with the ANBU, learning new lightning based techniques and combinational moves.

While back at home, five years later, father and mother created another child. Her name was Amaterasu. She and father trained aswell along with her mom. THey trained for two years before having another child and sending Amaterasu off to train in another village, Amaterasu went to Konohagakure. Uzumu was the new child. Just as a baby, Kotoamatsukami and Amenominakanushi had another huge arguement. Only to find out that Ame' caught a very nasty disease that she passed on to her lover. Who was devastated to find out that the cause of the disease was because of Ame, cheating in the relationship they had. Ame' left the household, leaving Koto' to face a dying situation in which he may never get out of. Ontop of that, he lost the love of his life, he may never have another shot at love again with a disease thats ending his life as of now. Living at home with a newborn child in his arms and anger in his eyes, despair in his heart and hate on the mind. Hope knocked on the door, it was a beautiful lady and her 7 year old child. Love struck the both of them. Starting a new loving household without the other children knowing as of yet.

While back in Kumogakure, the age of Tamotsu emerged from five to eleven years of age. One more day until he was twelve years of age and he can be free to travel wherever he wishes. He sat in his rented room in a bed next to Jikimaru, as he hears a knock on the door, The raikage was the person he saw after he answered the door. The raikage offered the young child who was trained by Anbu to be trained by the Raikage himself. Becoming a sannin of Kumogakure although he's not officially a ninja. Tamotsu accepted the offer of being trained by him but didn't like the fact of being tied down to only one village. The next morning after training all night with the Raikage. The Raikage challenged the boy to a official battle. The rules were, if Tamotsu won the battle, he would gain the sword known as Urahara, which was the true secret to the Raikage's power. Tamotsu drew his Shin'en and got ready into a battle stance. They charged at each other with great intensity, battling with the very same speed as lightning itself. Two lightning users, enhanced from head to toe and equipped with top notched weaponry went at it for quite some time before the Raikage showed why he was chosen to lead the village. He preformed handseals and created a Lightning concentrated bomb when released explodes and shoots lightning within a 20 feet radius, gladly they was fightning in the large training grounds. Tamotsu, using that intellegent brain of his, used his body as a conductor and absorbed the lightning bomb as it converted into chakra. Leaving the Raikage chakraless. Tamotsu won by default, the raikage, having no choice but to give the child the Urahara and taught him how to use it. Raikage explained how to use it by giving him an example, first he meditated and chanted a few words while preformed handseals in a funny looking sitting position. Tamotsu bowed in graditude and left Kumogakure in hopes of returning to Jikimaru and the fellow good people of Kumogakure. Now, Tamotsu set off, going back home but of course taking a few detours before reaching his destination.
~Mental Illusion~

However in reality, He was just hit by one of Jinraiya's infamous Genjutsu. For a long period of time, Tamotsu believed all of that was true until Jinraiya got bored with it and released the genjutsu. Of course, they battled and Jinraiya won the match, He offered to train Tamotsu and he accepted. Tamotsu learned his muniplative ways from Jinraiya, also enhancing his Genjutsu techniques and learning how to dispel even the most high leveled genjutsu. Lastly, Jinraiya left one morning without a hint or trail of where he went. Leaving Tamotsu left to pick up the pieces. It was although a trail of someone else's footprints in the dirt heading to the land of Iron. In the land of Iron is where Tamotsu learned how to become a Samurai and use weapons of any extent professionally and with ease. Mostly swords, however Tamotsu's mind expand past the limitation of only swords. He wish to use something known as a trident to kill opponents. The reason was unclear to others when they saw the trident in their chest, looking abyss in pain as Tamotsu laughed and screamed with pleasure. However that wasn't done until after he left the land of Iron. Once he left the land of Iron he continued on to the Land of Bears where Religions are sprouting everyday like flowers. The top religion was Anshinritsumei. A religion based on showing people "The Light". Now it depends of what light it is? Tamotsu was chosen to be "Light-Bearers" along with six other humans. The priests of the religion implanted a powerful demon in each of the six and the most powerful in Tamotsu. They had high expectations that Tamotsu was gonna die but infact, out of all the six. Tamotsu was the only one that can handle the pain while the other six were failed operations.

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Ryujinki Kirin
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S-Class :: Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: The Forgotten...   Sat May 29, 2010 3:55 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Forgotten...   Sat May 29, 2010 4:17 pm

Approved, nice detailed history Very Happy
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The Forgotten...
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