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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)

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Sora Shuryu

Male Posts : 18
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PostSubject: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 4:30 pm

Alright just to clarify things this is a Funeral setting for Ace Hyatu the Guy Yasuo pwned and former waterfall leader, This will be an RP topic which is Off topic from the plots going on and slightly out of character, dont go toooo OOC xD = TOPIC IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! EXCEPT ACE! Also..please no fighting or attacks on other chars dont really want a battle going on

Out on the green pastures on a small hill in an Open field there was a White Chapel, which had a bell at the top of its roof, the bell rang and many people that were outside wearing black went inside most of them Shinobi, except one ridiculously fat woman who was crying for some reason, it was a Funeral for the Late Ace Hyatu the former leader from the waterfall village, who died protecting his crummy waterfall nin but him and his Ninja were simultaneously pwned by a dude called Yasuo who was basically a 4th hokage rip off but with long hair, and yasuo owned him with a single jutsu too, Sora entered the Funeral wearing his usual Shinobi attire and walked up to the coffin and looked in to see Ace he then looked over his shoulder and pulled out a stick from his coat and began poking Ace's dead body with the stick and smiled in amusement only to be shooed away by the priest seconds later, Sora then went and sat in the third row to this freakishly large dude who had six arms, obviously a relative

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Itachi Uchiha
Akatsuki :: S-Class
Akatsuki :: S-Class

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 4:58 pm

Just when Sora sit down someone else entered the Chapel he wore a black cloak with red clouds on it , it was the notorious Uchiha slayer, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi walked into the funeral with his usual emotionless face and reached by the back row and looked at a man who was sitting at the edge of the row and said "Your in my Seat.." Itachi said this in an ominous dull tone of voice staring at the man Sharingan eyes blazing, "We'll im sorry Mr. Grumpy but i was here first so you can -" Before the man could finish Itachi shouted in his mind "TSUKIYOMI!" and in a split second the man fell to the ground twitching and foaming at the mouth and Itachi took his seat

Sitting at the back row Itachi contemplated the fools that sat in front of him these foolish fools that were so foolish they were beyond that of a normal fool. The fools were too foolish to r4ealize the awesomeness of itachi , the great Uchiha mass murderer. Even though Madara helped him that old fudge bag was not fit to get any glory for it so itachi took all the glory. "Fools..." itachi muttered even though no one heard him because they were too foolish to hear the word fool, these foolish fools..

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Akatsuki :: S-Class
Akatsuki :: S-Class

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 7:10 pm

Hidan walked past itachi and looked at a young man "Hey bitch face in you're in my spot." hidan told him "Oh yeah what'er you gonna do about it?" asked the young man. Hidan kicked him in the head and sent him across the room. Hidan took his seat and watched.
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Male Posts : 275
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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 8:24 pm

(Ace died, :O lol.)

Katsu entered the room. "This better be worth it for coming here..." Katsu whispered. He took his seat in the third row watching until the funeral started. He saw the Akatsuki at the funeral. "Oh, great their gonna start a figh against me since I know about Naruto.." Katsu said in his head. "Well, I'll just have to hide until the funeral head ended.." Katsu murmled. He noticed it was Itachi and Hidan, cause he heard Tsukoyomi from 13 meters away. Katsu decieded to move back to the fifth row instead.
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Job/hobbies : Sungakure No Sato, Kazekage.

PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 8:53 pm

As the funeral started Gaara walked in with a hard and normal gaze at the coffin that Ace Hyatu rested peacefully. Hmmm i knew sooner or later this idoit would get himself killed Gaara thought walking towards the back of the area sending out sand from his gourd he created a seat made from his own sand bending down he rested his bottom on the seat made of sand. Hmm i can't see ? maybe i should get a better view ? Gaara thought to himself, as the sand started floating above ground levels letting Gaara see over the sad ninja that came for Ace Hyatu's funeral. This is better, i guess Gaara thought to himself keeping his normal emotions that always stayed on his face.
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Female Posts : 249
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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Mon May 24, 2010 9:10 pm

A beautiful girl walked in, her ocean blue eyes scanning the benches where people sat. No one she knew was here. She let out a long sigh, not even knowing who's funeral this was for. Tifa was wearing a short, black corset dress (shown in avi, sig whatever xD) and thigh high black laced socks. Her look was more of a crucifix base, but cute with her youth. Her crimson red boots clacked as she walked across the wooden flooring, sitting down on a random bench away from some people. She rested her elbow on the wooden arm rest and leaned her cheek against it, her red-lip stick lips parting as she groaned, "Man, this has GOT to be the lamest thing, ever..." She wrinkled her nose, an annoyed look plastered onto her face. "I don't even know who the hell this guy is!" she said to herself, holding up her free hand and letting it fall limp into her lap afterwards. Sighing once again, her long light blonde hair motioning with each slight movement she made. All of a sudden, Tifa felt something wet drip onto her hand that was on her lap, and her eye twitched, arching her right eyebrow up and cocking her head to the side; a boy who was licking icecream sat very close to her. He was sitting on his feet in a crouching position, his shoulders hunched forward. The boy had black shaggy hair and black circles under his eyes, looking about six years old. Awkward. "Ewwy..." she muttered about the icecream, flicking her hand to the side, the ice cream flying off and splatting into the back of another bench. "Wanna' lick?" he asked, shoving it in her face. Tifa cringed away, about to fall off of the bench as he shoved it towards her. "Heh, no, no. Ice makes you fat. I'm not going to eat it," she said quickly, shaking her head. Tifa immediately rose abd hurried to another bench, relieved of being away from the weird child.    

.: Our story is not meant to be continued :.
So just close your eyes,
and I'll close mine.
Remember you, remember me
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Ai Kurosaki
Akatsuki :: B-Class
Akatsuki :: B-Class

Female Posts : 63
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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   Tue May 25, 2010 1:33 am

Ai :"Is this the right funeral" She sat pushed Hidan of his spot
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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)   

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Ace's Funeral(OFF TOPIC!OPEN!)
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