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April 2018
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Itami Tomonaru

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Itami Tomonaru
ANBU:: Medic
ANBU:: Medic

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Join date : 2010-06-07

PostSubject: Itami Tomonaru   Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:03 am

Name: Itami Tomonaru

Nickname: N/A

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Rank: Medical Ninja, Jinchuuriki, ANBU

Former Rank: N/A

Village: Yukigakure

Former Village: N/A

Affiliations: N/A

Elements: Water

Kekke Genkai/Hidden Jutsu: Scar/Stitch Release

Personality: Suffers from body dysmorphic syndrome, also known as surgical addiction. Earlier in life he was a happy child, now he only feels hate and despair towards almost everything.

Appearance: Wears a few different masks that all act as air filters always feeding him clean air for his open scars
His body is torn apart due to his addiction to self surgery
He has a leather trench coat outfit with two hidden blades in the sleeves
He also has a lighter more agile suit that he wears with very protective chest wear.
His hand after a training accident.
Itami's Clockwork Heart
The Dragon Of Life-The Seven-Headed Hydra

Bio: As a child, Itami lived a very nice life. He was an only child to a decently wealthy family. He was attending school to become a shinobi like most everyone else. Itami was actually quite popular in his class being one of the best preforming and better looking. The graduated as Gennin and moved onto Chunnin. His life was ordinary, simply basic. However, there was rumor that the village was looking for a Jinchuuriki to hold the Bijuu. This was kept extremely secret until Itami's parents were asked if their child would be willing to become the host. In no way shape or form would Itami want to become th holder of a demon. It would ruin him as a person. But the adults didn't care. They thought that he was popular, so his friends shouldn't and wouldn't care that he would basically become a freak. His parents were old fashioned and found this sort of curse honorable for some reason so they forced him to do this. He fought against them and authorities were called to take him to the area so the demon could be sealed into him. He panicked and screamed, trying to make a scene, but the higher up ninjas silenced him quickly. He pleaded and begged, but this decision had been made. This Jinsei no Ryū: The Seven-Headed Dragon of Life was sealed into this 17 year old boy. He went crazy... He tried to talk to his friends and pretend that nothing happened, but he was rejected...

Itami went into a spiraling depression only a few weeks after the ceremony was preformed. He began self injury, and eventually turned suicidal. On numerous accounts he tried too off himself but was always caught. He did not want anyone else to suffer like him, so if he died he figured that the demon would go with him. Itami looked at it like a favor to the world, but everyone else thought it was a cry for help. He was put on constant surveillance and so his suicidal attempts stopped after a few months. Itami rarely went outside anymore and he became rather pale. This was all within the first year. When he was about 18 1/2 the surveillance stopped and he resumed his self-torturous actions. Eventually, it became an addiction... It became to bad that he lost feeling in his wrists on both arms and stopped but this was years later... Itami was trusted a little bit more, so they allowed him to move out of his parents home and got a pretty large establishment on the outskirts of the village. Even though he was a freak, his parents still loved and trusted him which is why they bought and built him his own large house. But now that he was alone, Itami needed something to compensate for the loss of a pain source, so he started cutting at other parts of his body. Most of it was hidden, but eventually it got bad, real bad. He started hacking at his face, removing things he deemed "Unnecessary" Such as his eyelids, lips and hair stripping himself of his looks. After all of this torture, his demon called to him telling him to stop, it was killing it as well. The beast threatened to end it, to take his life and it's own if he did not do anything to stop. Itami didn't care, he wanted to die. His hatred for everything and lack of a will to live right next to frightened and over powered the demon's hate. The dragon explained it's power, history and purpose. They understood each other and it was the closest thing that Itami had in a very long time. They were not friendly with each other by any means. Itami fought with it constantly threatening to kill himself numerous time. He went through with it a few time, but the demon wouldn't allow it's host to die simply because it did not want to die.

With the reoccurring feelings to try and save anyone else from this curse, but still wanting to stay alive, Itami went to the village and did research on medical ninjutsu. Before he could go into public again, he devised a mask that one, protected his face and two filtered air to reduce the risk of infection due to his lack of facial features. With this mass of medical information that he borrowed, he tried to figure out any possible way to make himself immortal so that no one else has to ever deal with a demon. They found a way... Itami would use the Dragon's chakra to run most of his organs and use a sort of clockwork set up to run his heart. To implant this mechanism, he needed one other person. Itami consulted the village medics, told them his situation and needs and they agreed to help. He gave them his plans and they went to work. His consciousness was still active, the body being kept alive by the Hydra's chakra. The heart was implanted and then wound a few times, and Itami rose. His blood stopped flowing, but his heart now ticked... There was a distinct ticking noise whenever he approached making stealth near impossible but cranked up his fear factor. This heart had to be wound periodically so that it would not stop. The only way he could truly die is if this Clockwork heart is removed. But if it was placed back into his body and wound, Itami would come back to life. These surgical alterations kept Itami in constant pain, after a few years he became used to it giving him an inhumanly high tolerance to pain. The Dragon can also cancel out some of the nerves so that Itami does not feel anything He no longer slept and because his body was so torn an sewn up, it did not show any aging. With some of the medical jutsu he picked up, he used it in aid to any more self surgical procedures he wanted to do. He also used it to reduce the amount of fatigue toxins released in his muscles giving him almost limit less stamina. This demon chakra also kept his muscles and organs young so that they did not loose effectiveness. It also enhanced his muscles allowing him to run and react faster and life impossible amounts of weight. With such large amounts of chakra at his disposal, he could heal pretty major injuries fairly quickly making anything minor rather simple.

Itami took advantage of his isolation and trained, for years. He mastered almost every weapon and fighting style, but only fights with blade tonfa. He also posses a number of daggers on his body. He worked a few months on jutsu, but really was not to interested in it only mastering the water and ice element. What he was interested in was creating a technique that only he could preform. Since sustaining his life was considered a simple task to the Hydra, he wanted to be able to use mass amounts of this chakra at once. Itami planned on slicing himself open at certain points so that he could fire the chakra from these openings. They would be sewn up normally, but would come undone when a technique was needed. There were openings on the palms and backs of his hands, six zig-zagged down each of his arms with four on the undersides, and two on either side of his face extending his mouth. There is a large mass of these stitched up areas on his back, torso, and legs. There are a total of 86 on his entire body. When all are opened, Itami can preform the Menacing Ball even as a human but it is extremely dangerous and can kill him even with his claimed immortal state. During his training, Itami became very sick and his body became infected. The Dragon helped with his healing, but he was still bed ridden for a few months. When he recovered, Itami improved the cleanliness and durability of his mask. This breathing apparatus however made nose as he inhaled and exhaled only adding to his robotic effect He also created protective armor to prevent this sort of extreme sickness from ever happening again. If he wanted to use his what he called "Stitch Release" he would have to remove most if not all of this armor.

In his new outfit, he went to the village to catch up on events. He caught wind of a group by the name of the Akatsuki who where hunting the Bijuu... This group was not very active at the moment, so the village did not do much, although, they did recognize Itami's new found skill in dissection and vivisection. They offered him a job as the autopsy specialist, he accepted. Ever since he removed his lips, he never really talked much just because it pained him. Even when he did, it was very monotonous and metallic. His laugh was diabolical and frightened most because it sounded to inhuman and unnatural. He remained part of the Yukigakure medical team and preformed a few assassinations. He became very useful to the village in the end even joining the ANBU. He did not go on very many missions with them, it was just a recognition of skill really. Itami was practicing his Stitch Release, when his left hand got backed up with chakra. Him nor the demon was able to retract or release the chakra and Itami's hand was blown clean off. He did what he could to make a replacement, and when it was finished he did better to turn it into a weapon... Itami stayed at his mansion at the edge of the village most of the time just working on himself and other experiments learning constantly, just staying alive as time passed only arising and returning to the village when a job was needed to be done... He still hated the world for what it has done and will never forgive it or anyone else. Itami just needed to be settled and calm himself. The decades passed and his blood dried up to dust. The demon within only caused turmoil and chaos... It was his gift, and his curse...

Last edited by Itami Tomonaru on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:55 am; edited 2 times in total
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Male Posts : 275
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PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:28 am

I like the Bio and everything ecxept the torn body part it creeps me out anyways, I don't know about the Junchurikki I'll leave that out for someone else to check.
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Haiden Tamekaze
ANBU Captain::Medic
ANBU Captain::Medic

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Job/hobbies : Hunting Rouges

PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:43 am

Your bio says the seven tailed Horn beetle was sealed inside you >_> just pointing that out since your not the demon's host
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Itami Tomonaru
ANBU:: Medic
ANBU:: Medic

Posts : 18
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Join date : 2010-06-07

PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:18 pm

Thanks for that Naiden Razz Okay Done officially! ^_^
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Itami Tomonaru
ANBU:: Medic
ANBU:: Medic

Posts : 18
Reputation<♠> : 7
Join date : 2010-06-07

PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:31 pm

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Yukito Tenka
Snow Village Leader
Snow Village Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:33 pm

((Doesnt Read))


Yukito The Snow Puppeteer
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PostSubject: Re: Itami Tomonaru   

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Itami Tomonaru
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