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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

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 Agito Shuryu

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A-Class :: Shinobi
A-Class :: Shinobi

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PostSubject: Agito Shuryu   Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:34 pm

Name: Agito Shuryu/ Lind

Nickname: Agi, Waterless Shark,

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: A-Class Shinobi

Former Rank: N/A

Country: Land of Fangs

Former Village: N/A

Affiliations: Shuryu Clan - Fang Country Branch

Elements: Water, Wind

Special Traits: Agito has a heightened sense of smell able to smell the Blood of someone in the air from 6 miles away he also can hold his breath for 15 mins mostly because of his shark like training, Agito Also has an Abnormally Large Chakra pool(No not tailed beast level but very large)

Kekke Genkai: Watarugan

Personality: Agito is a very Cold person and isn't very social. He is also a person with a very Large Murderous Intent and Loves to fool around with his opponents Carving his "Road" into their bodies so that they will remember Who they faced, Agito is also a Foul moth person his favorite word being "Fuck"

Lind -Due to the Brain charger effect of the Watarugan, Agito is one of the few to develop a distinct Split personality, Lind is a Ruthless, sadistic and disdainful person who enjoys killing tho he does not truly shows this and can be called a jokester at times and has a playboy attitude towards women although he cares not for them and would discard them if they became nuisance and wouldn't even bother to save them Lind regards Agito as a Baby and is somewhat of an Older Brother like figure even though Lind declared one day he would fight to become the dominant personality.


Lind: Due to the high brain waves a small amount of static electricity is generated raising Lind's Hair making him look different from Agito

Early Age:
Agito was born in the Fang country in the now dieing out Shuryu clan Branch in the land of fangs, it originally was the Main and original Branch of the entire clan as the clan started in the land of Fangs, but over the years as time passed and wars were waged the Land of Fangs branch was near extinction and only his Parents, brother Kai and his sister Jade were left, they were kept hidden and their existence kept secret by the Lands Feudal lord due to the clans service over so many years, by the time Agito was 5 His father already began to teach him the way of the clan, it was his father's dream to re-build the clan and build up its strength, Agito was the youngest of the children his Sister was the oldest 5 years older than him and his brother was 3 years older, by the time Agito was 7 His sister showed great skill already activating the Watarugan as well as his brother

Initiation Arc:
The Land of Fangs branch had a process of initiation to be a full fledged member of the clan which started by the age ten and usually ended two years later, Agito's sister did it in one year which made him think he could do it too, the process was intense training as well as learning the full history of the clan and some of its secrets, for this training Agito would leave his family and Home with his father for months at a time traveling the land of fangs, His father was a rather serious man hating what the Fang country branch had become and would force this concept into his children all except Agito he didn't really care but being so young it was understandable. A Year passed and Agito had yet to complete the initiation, he was not his sister, and was not as skilled as she was to reach such a feat, he often Spied on his older siblings who always trained together trying to pick up techniques from them but they always caught him and played pranks on him, so eventually he went to his mother which Earned him the title as being "Momma's Baby boy" This usually Angered Agito when his siblings called him that but his mother was a rather skilled shinobi although she did not have the Watarugan only being Married into the clan she was rather skilled in a taijutsu style known as the "Tiger Claw straps" where she used rope chains and other material wrapping it on parts of her bodies then tying on a sharp edge at the end of it, Agito soon learned some of this style from his mother and would later on in life re-create it in his own Way changing its name to "Fang Road Style" But for now it was a style he was not in a Rush to learn. Finally after the standard two years Agito was now an Official Warrior of the clan which made him rather proud but he wanted to catch up and be the strongest out of them all.

Claw Branch Attack Arc:
After the Initiation Agito some what drifted away from his father and siblings, and began to learn more of the Taijutsu technique from his mother even though he somewhat put a little spin of his own uniqueness into it. One day the Claw Shuryu Branch came to the land of fangs in search of the secret Temple where they would learn the ultimate technique of the clan they did not know however there was still a small remnants of the Fang branch was still around and when they found the temple one of them was killed in an Instant by Agito's father but he was not able to fend off the other three which beat him near to death and took the scrolls from the temple and fled Jade and Kai found their father and brought him back to their home they were filled with the need for revenge and left to find the claw branches and killed them Agito wanted to go as well but was told to stay by his mother who followed jade and Kai in a sense for duty to retrieve the scrolls, Agito how ever could not wait and left minutes after them but was too slow to catch up, by the time he arrived they had all been killed only Managing to kill one of the enemy, this sight shocked Agito into activating his Watarugan and he went berserk only to be beaten up, but before they could kill him Agito was saved by his Injured father whom carried him off to a near by Cave and former hideout of the Clan, it was there Agito's father decided something great transplanting his Watarugan eye into the unconscious Agito knowing he would one day Revive the Fang branch, but before they could mvoe on the last two Claw branchers found them and killed Agito's father the sound of death woke Agito up to see his father's dead body, through the pain of loss and anger his mind went into a mental Turmoil which was only greatened by the increase brainwaves from both Watarugans creating a Brain Charger in that time Agito became one of the few to have all their emotions thoughts and multiple personalities turn into one and thus Lind was born an Alternate Ego and split personality, Lind Instantly took control and brutally killed both of the Claw nins even though he sustained some Injuries in the process. After the Incident Agito buried his Family and burnt the scrolls now the only information is in the secret main Hideout of his Clan and no one knows its Location except for him..

Present Arc:
Years later Agito is now alone training in the Fang country and serving its feudal lord whom keeps Agitos existence a secret

Last edited by Agito on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:36 pm; edited 1 time in total
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A-Class :: Shinobi
A-Class :: Shinobi

Male Posts : 50
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Location : Fang Country

PostSubject: Re: Agito Shuryu   Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:37 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Agito Shuryu   Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:56 pm

Approved, anyone have any problems, just post!
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PostSubject: Re: Agito Shuryu   

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Agito Shuryu
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