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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
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 Issie, Ishihara

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.Ishihara Issie.


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PostSubject: Issie, Ishihara   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:18 am

Name: Issie, Ishihara -- (Japanese Name Format)
Nickname: N/a
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Rank: Missing Nin -- A rank
Former Rank: Jounin

Village: N/a -- Wanderer
Former Village: Tea Country
Affiliations: N/a

- Dominant: Fire
- Recessive: Wind
Kekke Genkai: N/a


Personality: Put simply, well... no... It's impossible to simply put Ishihara's personality. The problem with it is that there are too many variables that will affect his behavior. The predominant characteristic of his personality would probably be his carefree attitude. Ishihara likes to think of himself as a free spirit, bound to nobody. He shows a thorough disregard for any being attempting to represent authority in a space.

In fact, Ishihara believes authority is the source of all conflicts and that man should be self-governed rather than governed by some sort of third party. For this reason, Ishi is glad he was not born in a hidden village. On top of being a carefree guy, Ishihara is quite frivolous. Just as his father was, Ishihara tends to be a sweet talker of sorts and a master skirt-chaser. Being a ninja with no allegiance to any village has its perks, both in coercing women and in running away after a long night.

While it may seem peculiar, despite being carefree Ishihara is also a very determined person. When he finally finds something he will care about, Ishihara is determined to achieve/protect it. This mentality has driven him to the edge of death and yet has preserved him from it as well. His determined nature also leads him to possess a competitive nature as one of the things Ishihara is determined to be is the strongest out there. It's a male thing. They all hate being weaker than someone.


- Born a bastard child, Ishihara was not the crowd favorite among those in Tea Country. Having no Hidden Village within its borders caused trouble for one such as Ishihara, for he was born with the spirit of a ninja. This spirit was obviously inherited from his father, a missing nin, and led him to become a rambunctious child who those in the town would think of as troublesome. Ishihara grew up hearing the tales of great ninja and their endeavors, stories of various Hokages, Kazekages, and joint village efforts only served to fuel his desire to become a ninja. But alas, the ugly face of the problem showed itself to Ishihara. There was no Hidden Village in Tea Country, meaning there was no place for him to undergo formal training to become a ninja. Moreover, his mother didn't fully endorse the idea of becoming a ninja either (seeing as a ninja knocked her up and left her >_>..) but wouldn't reluctantly secede to Ishihara's wishes for she saw that the boy was truly his father's child.

There was one alternative to a Hidden Village, however. A once traveling Swordsman who was supposedly one of the greatest back in his glory days had decided to retire in the peaceful Tea Country. The man was well-respected within Ishihara's town, but for the most part people elected to stay away from him. Not Ishihara however. Whatever type of ninja the man could train him to be, he cared not, as long as he recieved the education of a ninja. It was at the age of 10 Ishi would convince his mother to take him to the revered Swordsman to plead for Apprenticeship.

Swordsman's apprentice (Equivalent of Academy Arc):

- It didn't take as much begging as Ishihara thought it would for the old man to accept Ishi. For some reason, Ishihara felt the old man liked him and in a non creepy way. That thought was at once dissolved when Ishihara spent the first six months of his training helping the man build a suitable training site, or in other words a dojo. Of course building a training site included chopping wood, carrying it, hammering it together and the like. Such harsh work for a young man, but it was all for the sake of obtaining ninjahood. After the dojo had been complete, Sasaki (the name of the old man) awarded Ishihara a Bokken to train with. The next six months of Ishihara's training consisted of harsh sword play where he would often get his ass handed to him by Sasaki. It was a good thing the Dojo was in a remote area, Ishi didn't like the idea of other people knowing an old man bested him day-in and day out. In addition to swordplay, the man would also teach him basic academy techniques, which Ishihara showed great promise in. Within the first year of his training (at which point Ishihara is 11) he was able to master the academy jutsus with ease. The only real problem was winning a duel with Sasaki-sensei which didn't seem like it would happen soon.

Another year would pass with Sasaki inside the Dojo, where Ishihara's mother would frequently visit him. He could feel himself getting comfortable with the art of Kenjutsu, becoming more agile and stronger. At the age of 12, Sasaki would see fit to graduate him from the normal Dojo lessons. Sasaki would award Ishihara a new sword, a wakazashi. While Ishihara didn't like the idea of a small sword, he warmly welcomed the idea of graduating.

The Blossoming Swordsman (Genin Arc equivalent):

- Ishihara would now no longer be confined to the safety of the Dojo. Sasaki-sensei and Ishihara himself would depart from the Dojo and begin to travel the land, searching for various trials that would further Ishihara's training. During this time Ishihara would travel through the countries of Water, Whirlpool, Fire, and Wind. Never would they approach the main hidden villages, for little did Ishihara know that Sasaki was actually a missing ninja. During their travels, Ishihara would learn of his first elemental Chakra affinity. While on a boat from Water to Whirlpool, he was given a paper to infuse chakra with. After infusing the chakra needed, the paper would burst into flames in Ishihara's hand. Sasaki would muse at himself that he should have known Ishihara would have been of the fire affinity, for his hair was a dead giveaway of that.

In their travels, the swordsman would do menial jobs mostly as Mercenaries. Some of these jobs involved fighting ninja from minor Hidden Villages, for any job relating to a major village Sasaki would instantly turn down. Of course, the two would perform most of the jobs with ease and without a hitch. Except for one faithful day when they were hired to drive bandits out of a certain town.

The two had arrived at the designated region that needed the assistance. A ghost town lay before them at their feet. Ishihara, at the age of 14, was still a trusting young man. As Sasaki and Ishihara would enter the town, Ishi let his guard down. Of course the ghost town was a ruse and the bandits had laid an ambush for them. A fierce battle would ensue with Sasaki receiving little injury from the bout, however, Ishihara was not so lucky. When the ambush had been initiated, he struck across the collarbone with an axe causing a strange liquid to shoot from his neck into the eyes of his assailant. The man would scream in agony as the acid performed its work. Ishihara paid little heed to it and continued to fight, but would notice the rich indigo fluid would flow freely from his neck. He would disregard it for the remainder of the fight and struggle to survive. After the fight, Sasaki deemed it was time to journey back to Tea.

Sharpening the Sword (Chunnin Equivalent Arc) :

- Sasaki and Ishihara would return back to Ishi's hometown just before his 15th birthday. It was there that Ishihara would have to rehabilitate himself before hitting the road again with Sasaki. However, after recovery, Sasaki informed Ishihara they would spend the next year in training and meditation. Initially, Ishihara was disappointed, but then again he saw it as an excellent opportunity to train. It was during the next 6 months Ishihara would learn of his gift known by many as a Bloodline Limit. Ishihara would ask his mother about the history of her clan, but unfortunately none in her clan had ever been ninja. So it was safe to assume his KKG was thanks to his father who had run off from his mother.

With little knowledge of how the KKG works, Ishihara was able to figure it out. He remembered he had been struck by an axe wielding bandit just before the acid excreted itself from a pressure point. However, Ishi didn't like the idea of having to hit himself in a vital spot to make use of this weapon. It was then he figured out he could concetrate on pushing his chakra out through Tenketsu located on pressure points or on his hands to excrete the acid. He would also discover he had some control over the acid and that this liquid was of no harm to him. However, it did eat seem to have a tendency to eat at any chakra based material. Ishihara also discovered his acid was somehow produced inside of him. An interesting weapon for any ninja to have.

The remainder half of that year was spent discovering his second elemental affinity: Wind. When Sasaki-sensei learned of Ishihara's wind affinity, he was overjoyed for Sasaki himself had the Wind element. Sasaki would spend the next 6 months furthering Ishihara's swordplay, only this time Ishihara would be using a regular katana. Ishi was taught several sword techniques as well as ninjutsus that would accompany his swordplay. If Ishihara were asked what those six months were like, he would say they were rewarding. Near the end of their one year training in the hometown, a letter came for Sasaki. A formal challenge from one of the renowned Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

Sasaki was that great? Ishihara had no idea, however, he was to come along to see his master fight. The place designated was in a neutral area, Tea Country, with no hidden village. It was promised that no Ninja would come after him for the price on his head. It was at this place Ishihara would truly marvel Sasaki's skill as a swordsman, realizing he had only seen the surface of his skills during their travels together. WHile the battle itself was astounding to all those watching, it was short-lived. Sasaki showed the greatness of his glory days, but Age was a mistress no man could escape. The brilliance of his techniques were shown in full splendor, however, his stamina was not what it once was... And Ishihara's master fell prey. Ishihara, griefed by the death of his master, would keep his composure as he attempted to recover the corpse. However, the Seven Swordsman denied Ishihara's plea for the body. Sasaki was a missing ninja, and as such, his body was to be taken to his home village. However, Ishihara was allowed to take the Yama Fuji, the beloved sword of his master. It was with this sword, Ishihara would forever remember his grudge against the man who had slain his master and furthermore denied his master a proper burial.

Renown (Jounin Arc Equivalent):
- The quest for the vengeance of his fallen master would require two years of training outside his own country. Ishihara would quickly become accustomed to the Yama Fuji and handle it with great care. His training consisted of taking on jobs that opposed the 5 major villages. In each mission, Ishihara would fight ninja from any of the major Hidden Villages, real ninjas. However, his training with Sasaki and his gift of a Bloodline Limit from his father were more than enough to make Ishihara more than a match for most of the Hidden Villages ninja. It was in this way that Ishihara became registered in the Bingo books of several main villages including Sand, Mist, and Cloud. The other two, Ishihara had little contact with to become feared by them. Initially, he was classified as a B rank ninja among Cloud, Mist, and Sand. After a year of traveling and accepting these jobs, Ishihara would disappear in Fang Country to train.

His goal, afterall, was to defeat that Seven Swordsman who killed his master. It was during this time Ishihara would master his Sasaki's famous Reverse Swallow Tail Cut. This was the technique he planned to kill a certain Shinobi with. Ishihara would emerge from Fang Country and send an invitation to Mist Village. The fight between the pupil and Seven Swordsman was to take place in Fire Country. It was there Ishihara would become classified as an A rank missing ninja among Mist Village and its allies. He succeeded in slaying the man who caused him unnecessary grief. It was a simple task really, for Ishihara knew that the man sustained severe injuries from his master that would hinder him in fighting for the rest of his life. After the fight, several Mist Ninja encouraged Ishihara to take the blade of the Seven Swordsman. Ishi refused. Yama Fuji was the only sword he would ever acknowledge as worthy of being wielded by himself.

Some may think it foolish for Ishihara to publicly approach the Seven Swordsman as a missing nin, however... Ishi isn't so dumb. Before facing him, he had alterations done to his physical appearance. All these alterations were removed after the fight via expensive medical ninja help. He had grown out his hair and dyed it a raven black color, placed a scar on his left cheek, and his eyes appear as green versus lightbrown. These features are probably what is shown in the Bingo books of Mist, Sand, and Kumo. It's likely Iwa and Konoha have not registered Ishihara as a missing nin considering he has interacted with them very little. After the bout, Ishihara restored himself to normal with some help.

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.Ishihara Issie.


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PostSubject: Re: Issie, Ishihara   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:19 am

Name of Weapon or Item: Yama Fuji (Mt. Fuji)
Owner: Issie, Ishihara
Location: Right Shoulder
Rank: A/rank

Description/Abilities: Chakra Conductive, has the ability to instantly extend its length (allowing for it to shoot out at an opponent and retract quickly after the attack.), modified by Ishihara himself to make the blade resistant to Sudeki acid. Ishihara has had a sealer put a seal on the sword that makes it impossible for any not of Ishihara's family to pick up Yama Fuji. Those who do attempt to lift the sword will find it is almost impossible to lift, much less swing around.

History: A blade originally held and used by Ishihara's master, Sasaki Toshiro. Sasaki Toshiro was a master of Nodachi Sword Arts and Yama Fuji was the blade he utilized to teach Ishihara. Since the blade itself is not actually Ishihara's little is known about its origin. Sasaki never informed Ishihara of its history before his death, so this information is relying off of hearsay. Ishihara had heard in Sasaki's hay day, he was a traveling swordsman searching for worthy opponents. Cutting down all in the way of his search with ease, Sasaki's travels had brought him to climb a Mountain. As one can guess, this mountain was called Mount Fuji.

Sasaki made the perilous ascent up the mountain and at the top, met a fighter who challenged him in battle. It was a fierce flurry of steel and wills. No clear winner was ever decided, for the climate of the mountain would not allow it. Sasaki would find himself hours later. He had passed out. But now in his possession was a mysteriously brilliant sword with the etching &quot;Mount Fuji&quot; on the hilt. Where was his opponent? Sasaki would never know. One thing Sasaki did believe was the Nodachi held the fighting spirit of his competitor.

After inheriting Yama Fuji, Ishihara knew the blade would have to be made resistant to his own acid. For this, he visited the local armory immediately following Sasaki's death. It was there the smiths were able to infuse Yama Fuji with some of Ishihara's own chakra, permanently making it resistant to his acid. The blade is now in possession of Ishihara, in loving memory of his sensei and of his fighting spirit.

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.Ishihara Issie.


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PostSubject: Re: Issie, Ishihara   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:28 am

Done. ;D
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Nue Denkou
Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Issie, Ishihara   Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:00 am

Your Bio mentions you having KKG yet your app says you have none. the Yama Fuji one of the seven ninja swords of the mist? and Also weapons are to be in the jutsu list so put it in your jutsu list.

Also im gonna ask you to change that part where the mist nin that were there encouraged to to take the sword,...we are Ninja not Samurai honor doesnt count for jack for us XD, i dont even like the whole dueling thing your having....If anything the mist ninjas wouldn't want you to have it its from their village and it would weaken their military if you took it honestly they wouldn't give it to you. Im questioning if a Mizukage would allow these things to happen like duels

And they wouldn't let you leave your a missing nin for god sake..but ill let that slide cause of my Drowsiness

and a secondary question since you offended all the villages its safe to place you in the sites International Bingo book right?? its for all the villages
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PostSubject: Re: Issie, Ishihara   

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Issie, Ishihara
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