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June 2018
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Search for Tamotsu - The Conjurer's Wrath

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PostSubject: Search for Tamotsu - The Conjurer's Wrath   Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:39 am

As Sanshu flew into the Land of Mountains he looked down upon the landscape. Mountain ranges and plateus. Some vegetation. A boring area. He did not know how people could enjoy living here. Always cold at this altitude - that was the nice part. He made the serpent hand seal.

Sanshu "Kuchiyose no Jutsu : Ekirei Hagetaka!"

Two large clouds of smoke drifted away as two more vultures swooped down, now searching the land for Tamotsu. He planned on having a good fight. His army of summons would soon crush him. The vulture he was riding swooped low to the ground, He jumped off and hit the ground with both of his palms. Two summoning seals appeared on the ground.

Sanshu "Kuchiyose no Jutsu : Haundo no Fukusei!"

Two large two-headed wolves appeared. The heads shot out, bodies growing from them immediately landing on their feet. More heads grew on the bodies, shooting out again now making a group of eight. The heads stopped for now, and all of them split in all directions searching for Tamotsu. Sanshu once again made the Serpent hand seal, doing another summon.

Sanshu "Kuchiyose no Jutsu : Kamereon no Shizen!"

The chameleon stood, bringing its tounge out for Sanshu to step onto. He did so, and it brought him into its mouth. The chameleon cloaked with the environment, dissapearing completely from view. It took off to search for Tamotsu on its own while Sanshu rode safely inside observing.

The birds and wolves tore through the mountains of the land, ripping up whatever vegetation there was, overturning rocks into rock slides, and destroying small encampments in the search for Tamotsu. Sanshu was determined to eliminate his target. His target would not escape. His target would not escape alive. He would make sure of it.
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Ryujinki Kirin
S-Class :: Bounty Hunter
S-Class :: Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Search for Tamotsu - The Conjurer's Wrath   Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:31 am

What the fuck? Disturbing the peace. This was not doing from a normal being. It's from multiple different directions. On a cliff at the top of a very high mountain but not the tallest. He viewed down upon the being who summoned so many things. Tamotsu was planning on making a very tall tree in the center of his village. He needed a bird's eye view of the topo of the village before he can create it. He imagined how it looked in his mind through a image from his imagination. Now that he noticed the chaos from afar. His focus was taken off his village once again. He wonders if it is another sound village ninja. They seem to crawl quite often around the land of mountains lately for some reason. It maybe a new visitor but from the way that figure summons mulitple creatures. It's must mean that most of the fight will be on evading and taking out those summonings while worrying about thaat damn summoner for sneak attacks. What a pain, more complicated ninja arrive in Tamotsu's life. Jigen Ichi activated, he slammed his hands on the ground to activate his Wind Birds. Also known as Fuumatora. The fuumatora burst out of the summoning ground, one by one birds spewed out between the placing of his palms as he looked up at the vultures. The sky was the first target. The dogs might be a bit too fast for the birds but the vultures won't see them coming. Literally. The wind birds had no physical image. Infact from first glimpse it looked like he didn't summon a thing. It seems like he slammed his hands on the ground simply. The wind birds were infact made out of wind concentrated in a bird shape chakra field that gives them the shape of a bird. The birds swiftly, like waves of birds by the uncountable number floored towards the birds. Some following one, the rest following the other.

As the birds went along to do their job. Tamotsu then smirked as he wondered if the summoner was concealing himself because he couldn't spot the reptile anymore or the summoner. Well, it seems that it will be a game of hide and seek before the real fighting begins. Tamotsu's right eye displayed the japanese characters for the number three and Tamotsu gained the ability to create amazing illusions but not on the target but on the environment and creatures and other things. Once that was complete he leaped highly in the air but leaned backwards slightly so it seems like he was jumping back. The opponent must watch out, any slip up would mean his downfall. He had no reason to disguise his birds for they are unseeable but not untraceable. Only to a sensor or Hyuuga could they be found.He then clapped his hands and summoned a seal he recieved as a gift from the Anshinritsumei Monks. He embedded a bit of chakra inside the seal and smirked lightly as he flung it highly into the air attached to a Kunai knife. He created a large raging phoenix that flew highly in the sky by clapping his hands and saying,"Summoning Jutsu: Raging Flaming Bird of Rebirth." He said as the large, enormous bird emerged from the kunai knife he flunged into the air. The bird's body was tremendously large, body bigger than a mountain and wings was twice as long. Tamotsu then hurled his trident into the ground right benath him and stood ontop of it. Gasping a bit from the chakra he used. His roar He had his Jigen San ready. The phoenix flung fireballs towards the vultures and a few dogs but not all of them. Killing it won't work for it will be reborn from it's ashes.

OOC: sorry for taking too long to post lol, had a science project to finish and other misc things.
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Search for Tamotsu - The Conjurer's Wrath
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