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February 2019
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Yamamoto Clan (Done)

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Kira Yamamoto
Kira Yamamoto

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PostSubject: Yamamoto Clan (Done)   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:48 pm

Clan Name: Yamamoto

Clan Village: Kohona

Clan Symbol:

Clan Weapons: None

Requirements: Having the last name, and the abilty to control both the elements of Fire and Wind

Kekke genkai: Combustion Style

Hiden Techniques: Name: Taijutsu, Art of the Burning Bull
Rank: C
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: None (Can be enhanced through Elemental Techniques)
Clan: None

Description: This is Kira's personal form of Taijutsu that he has been training in since his first day in the acadamy. Where Konoha specializes in speed training, Kira has focused instead on his strength. It involves heavy punches and kicks without a marked increase in speed. Kira often couples this Taijutsu with the Fire and Explosions of his Neton to further increase his damage.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsus:
Name: Neton, Hinotama --Combustion Release, Fireball
Rank: C
Range: 10m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: Using Kira's specific Combustion chakra from his Yamamoto lineage, this is a standard fire style technique that is greatly enhanced by the Combustion Element. The fireball manifests as a sheer, enormous ball of fire enveloping the area and burning severely. Kira performs a series of seals and then emits this ball of fire from his mouth. The fire ball shoots out from his mouth about ten meters until it is at it's full expansion, a ball fifteen feet in diameter in any direction. This technique was made famous by the Uchiha Clan, but Kira's Combustion Style gives it an improved degree of danger, including a hotter burn.

Name: Neton, Kasui no Hinote-- Combustion, Stream of Fire
Rank: C
Range: 25m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: A smaller area, but enhanced damage of the fireball technique. Kira will perform his handseals and then expel this stream of fire from his mouth or from an extended hand. This fire is roughly circular and about as big around as your forearm, and is capable of severe burns very easily.

Name: Neton, Sensuiken Bakuha-- Combustion, Submarine Explosion
Rank: C
Range: 25m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: Kira's primary sneak attack. Kira will perform a string of seals and then place his palm on the ground. Sending his Combustion chakra through the ground to his opponent, he can cause the chakra to come out of the ground as a column of fire or as an explosion, thanks to his Combustion chakra. The time this technique takes to reach an opponent varies depending on how close they are, but his chakra moves at 5m/second. A Hyuuga would be able to see the chakra under ground, but most shinobi are not aware of the attack until it is right under them, where they will feel a definite increase in the temperature.

Name: Neton, Bakuha-- Combustion, Explosion
Rank: C
Range: Touch
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: This technique is just a matter of molding chakra to the point of contact between Kyou and his victim. From this contact point a ball of fire will explode, allowing for added concussive damage on his opponent. Kira wields this in conjunction with his Taijutsu style, crushing enemies under both brute strength and an explosion from his finger tips. By molding Combustion Chakra to the point of contact and releasing it at will, Kira can also effectively determine how strong the explosion will be.

Name: Neton, Semai Bakuha -- Combustion, Small Explosion
Rank: C
Range: 20m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: A strong offensive based technique. This technique requires molding chakra using a single handsign, the Tiger Sign. After forming the handsign most assosciated with fire, Kira will mold his chakra to his hands and begin to form small spheres of condensed Combustion chakra. These spheres are wrapped in Kira's chakra to keep them from detonating early, but they burn through this shell rapidly. After exiting the shell, the fire built up will expand rapidly, in what some onlookers would call an 'explosion'. This explosion is roughly 2 feet in diameter, and Kira can mold two of these small bombs in each hand, for a total of four at a time.

Name: Neton, Kabe no Kasai -- Combustion, Wall of Fire
Rank: C
Range: 5m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto

Description: This technique is the only defensive jutsu in Kira's arsenal, and it's effectiveness is greatly limited. Kira will perform a string of seals and then emit fire from either hand or his mouth. This fire will form into a crecent shape around the front of his body, forming a ten foot tall wall of fire burning anything that gets close to it (Within a foot). This wall can burn away water and wind techniques of equal rank and the expanding gases caused by the fire can blow away ranged weapons, but outside of this, it has no effect.

Name: Neton, Ryu no Neton-- Combustion Style:Combustion Dragon Jutsu
Rank: B
Range: 5-10m
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Neton
Clan: Yamamoto
Description: After performing a series of hand seals, Kira will blow with his combustion style and make a dragon, which will explode on contact.

The Yamamoto Clan was created about 500 years ago in the land of the heat. The village leader, Fuku, decided that if he should ever die, that he would have some succssors to replace him. He had two sons, Kenji and Ryu. On his death bed, Fuku was to pick a son and he would get to replace him. Kenji thought that the village should be ruled with Strength and fire, while Ryu thought it should be ruled with Peace and wind. He chose Ryu because of his calm spirit and intelligence, which made Kenji really mad. His jealously led him to create his own clan, which was strictly made of fire users. A few years later, Both of their clans grew to huge sizes to a degree where almost everyone was a Yamamoto, whether they be a follower of Kenji or Ryu. Civil war broke out between the two brothers and their followers, resulting in an almost destruction of the village. Fuku banished Kenji from the village and his followers to the outside world, never to be in contact with the heat village again.
As the years passed and Fuku left the world, Ryu Was now the village leader, and he ruled it like he intended to, with peace and harmony. He soon had a son named Masoto, whom he loved very much.
One day while during a mission, He met a beautiful girl named Suki who was a simple rice maker in a nearby man made village. He soon fell in love with her, even though that they figured out that they were both from the same clan, but from different families. Because of their rivaling families, They were limited to how much time they could see each other but they both did not care, as they eventually arried in secrecy and had a child, Akira. Kenji found out about the secret meeting and planned to kill Masoto and Suki, even the child. Ryu found it to be a blessing and thought of the child as a treaty of sorts. Kenji stubbornly agreed, saying that the child will be strongest because it has both of the genes. Masoto and Suki both raised the child in the heat village, which made Kenji come back too, reuniting the two families yet again

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Kira Yamamoto
Kira Yamamoto

Male Posts : 10
Reputation<♠> : 8
Join date : 2010-05-26
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Yamamoto Clan (Done)   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:27 am

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Hei Denkou
The Black Reaper::ANBU
The Black Reaper::ANBU
Hei Denkou

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Job/hobbies : ANBU

PostSubject: Re: Yamamoto Clan (Done)   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:02 pm

Please state what Combustion style is...
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PostSubject: Re: Yamamoto Clan (Done)   

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Yamamoto Clan (Done)
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