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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

[ Full reading ]
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 Yuta Sayu (scrapped)

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Yuta Sayu


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PostSubject: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:23 pm

Name: Yuta Sayu

Nickname: The Shadow Demon

Age: Appears to be 18. Her race of dragon demons stop physically aging at 18, giving them a look of youth constantly... though they aren't immortal. Her actual age is around 400 years old, prolonged only because of her demonic soul.

Gender: Female

Rank: S ranked elite jounin

Former Rank: N/A

Village: Konoha

Former Village: N/A

Affiliations: Konoha

Main: Fire
Subs: N/A

Kekke Genkai: The Sayu kekke genkai focuses on both the physical aspect and the mental aspect; Yuta, as one of the founders of the deceased Sayu clan, has one of the most powerful manifestations of the clans' kekke genkai. The Sayu clan can control shadow to their will, bend it into different shapes and solidify the shadows, making it into a weapon of choice. (Except for explosives; the shadows cannot self-destruct into explosives.) Pretty much, the Sayu ability over shadow is a mother to the Nara's ability over shadow, the two clans being very distant relitaves.
For the physical aspect, the Sayu were known for their inhuman attributes: increased sense of hearing, insanely tough skin (equivalent to dragon armor), increased sense of smell, and very fast. This was because the founders of the clan were originally dragon demons. The actual physical technique they train to obtain is their ability over their eyes; the Hyuugan technique of Byakugan is also a distant relative to the Sayu's eye technique, Shiranami. The technique allows the user to see through skin, rooms, clothing, and even the ground... unfortunately, it isn't as mobile as the Byakugan, and can only see through things at the users' line of vision.
Level two of Shiranami is the ability to see in the infrared spectrum; keep in mind, chakra comes up on the infrared spectrum as purple, so the user can see chakra in objects, just not people. This eye technique helps when under mist jutsu, because the user can see the heat signature of their target.
Level three is to combine both; in this state, virtually nothing is hidden from the user in their line of sight. Keep in mind that level three has its risks; the more it's used, the more damaged the users' eyes get. The kekke genkai is practically the mother to byakugan and sharingan, though completely different.
So far Yuta is the only alive person of the deceased clan, and she doesn't want to revive the clan - mainly because when the clan was thriving, it was hectic and unstable with the amount of power, causing the new nations to fix their attention on the Sayu clan and attempt to control them.

Personality: Yuta is cheerful and kind, having a soft spot for almost anyone she can relate to. Because she can relate to the jinchuriki hosts, she is seen not taunting them and making them feel hopeless as she battles them... instead she tries to refrain from fighting them. Rarely someone annoys her because of her easy going nature... Though her cold side is not something to be tampered with; when you anger her or irritate her she can have a pretty large cuss language. From her sealed demonic powers inside that seal has developed into an alternate personality; when released the two personalities refer to each other as different people though of being the same blood and body. When the seal is released, Yuta appears to have red slit eyes, longer nails as claws, stronger skin, her inhuman speed increased, her senses increased, etc. This personality is sadistic, slightly almost completely psychopathic, taunting, rude, and sly.
Yuta refrains from accessing this power within herself because of that she wishes to overcome her powerful side with making her other side just as powerful. She loves to annoy close friends, giving them nicknames. (I'm still going to call Deidei Blondie if I meet him on here... >=/)
Yuta tries to when she fight end the battle quickly with assassination attacks; she doesn't enjoy torture unless she is pissed off. Her battle strengths lie in taijutsu (Not nescicarily taijutsu... she preforms martial arts combined with her inhuman speed.) and ninjutsu... not so much for genjutsu. Yuta has a very large knowledge of vital points, pressure points, etc and with her extremely fast movement she can use those against her opponent to simply knock them out before the battle begins.Yuta is sarcastic and has a good sense of humor, nearly always smiling even if she is upset. If she is upset she won't show it; she believes being strong is smiling for others and not dumping her worries or problems on others, keeping them to herself. Resulting from this when something has been bothering her for quite some time and you annoy her, she would erupt much worse and harshly then she normally would have. Despite her kind nature in battle she is ruthless and taunting, if you annoy her enough and engage in battle she will try to cut down your confidence and hit you where it hurts mentally.
Yuta has a great love for music and art, being seen either playing the piano or writing when she is not participating in missions. Yuta plays the violin and piano when she can; her musical ability is astonishing as she had spent so much time on it. Yuta's view on art is that of the same as both Sasori's and Deidara's... she believes that art is most remembered in a fleeting moment as well as people from all over the world come to one place to see a piece of art that has lasted through hundreds of years. She is great at playing the piano and violin but not so much with the electric guitar... she regularly prefers singing over instruments. Yuta hates being at the center of attention thus not participating in too many activities that require talking in front of crowds... when she does, she blushes and stutters appearing very nervous. Even though she has stage fright she is outgoing and when she is alone she plays her best, whenever she skips class almost always being seen in the training grounds or a ramen stand. Because of this she was easily found when skipping class in academy. Despite skipping class and being late frequently she has a genius IQ so she aces most written tests anyway. Her best class is English outside of the ninja academy when she was young; she aims for becoming an author or musician with her raw talent of writing if she is unsuccessful as a ninja.
Yuta is pretty serious when it comes to the Akatsuki, with the goal of defeating as many as she can; because of her demonic powers, the Akatsuki may be after her. She doesn't know yet if they are or not, but wants to eliminate as many members as she can before they find out about her.

Appearance: Yuta is 5'7 and pale, her body skinny and large chested. Her limbs are small and appear fragile, though don't let that fool you; despite the lack of visual muscle her brute strength is amazing.Her eyes are a stunning emerald green that appear as red slits when her "demon" is released. Her hair is fiery red that glints like flame in the light at sunset and sunrise, reaching down to the small in her back, normally in a ponytail or other sorts.


Bio: Yuta, like mentioned before, is the leader and founder of the fallen ancient clan, Sayu - the all-seeing shadow wielders made up of dragon demons and hybrid dragon demons - half human, half demon. The clan had thrived in early ninja history, but proved to be unstable - each of the members became too powerful, and eventually came to seek more from their leader, Yuta. She already knew this and would not give them any more techniques... the clan eventually became at war with itself, dividing into two parts: the Nanashi (No Name), and the Sayu.
When the war within the clan seemed to reach its peak, a man of the name Raze harnessed a new Kekke Genkai: the sharingan, a descendant of the Sayu kekke genkai, Shiranami. Combined, he proved to be unstoppable, and tested his power - on the Sayu clan itself. He almost succeeded, too, until Yuta tried to stop him - they both died on the night of the new moon, being sent back into hell.
In time, he was reincarnated whenever Yuta seemed to be summoned out of Hell, and managed to kill her sometimes - if she doesn't find him first and kill him before he gets the chance. The first time was at early ninja history, the second was at the first ninja war, the third at the third ninja war by her not-so-dear(Typo D: bad typo!!) friend, Madara's brother.
At the end of the war she was summoned up yet again, but by accident - Madara had originally tried to summon the Kyuubi, but brought both the Nine Tailed Fox and Yuta up from hell. See, a demon doesn't age - they can die, but they grow their powers back over time and wait to be summoned back onto earth. Usually the process takes hundreds of years for the lesser demons to regrow, but for the more powerful demons their powers grow back quickly - like Yuta's.
Yuta eventually rose in the ranks of the Konoha ninja, learning more and more jutsu. Her goal is simple; kill the reincarnation of Raze before he can kill her, and get revenge yet again for her fallen clan. As of now, the reincarnation is unknown - one of the two brothers, either Itachi Uchiha or Sasuke Uchiha, or maybe Madara himself. (Whoever wants to be the one to try and kill her, be my guest... but if you want to be the reincarnation you kinda have to be a Uchiha.)

RP Sample: The pain.
It filled my mind, blurring out emotion and rational thought. My body felt like I was on fire... it probably was, too, except for what felt like a band around my torso. The band was ice-cold compaired to the inferno of pain... I didn't know what I liked best; freezing, or burning.
My emerald green eyes opened, rising sluggishly towards my captor. My captor had the head of a fox, with red eyes that seemed so... hateful. In hell, you'd honestly think you'd get used to hate-filled expressions.
That led my pain-ridden mind to one thought; what drives my hate? The answer is easy: the one who sent me back here more than once. Surprisingly my hate isn't as large as other demons, but it's still hate nonetheless.
You wouldn't even notice unless if I was thinking about him.
So who, are you wondering? Well he's a mortal if you'd believe that, but each time he is reborn he seems to find me when I am released 'upstairs', and then sends me back to this hellhole. Literally. The first was a man named Raize 200 years before the first ninja war, the second was a man who decided to assassinate me without bothering to offer me his name. Go figure. The third was at the third ninja war... how should I put this? It was the brother of my not-so-dearest friend Madara, who decided to kill me before I could have some fun in the war.
So how do I know these aren't just coincidences of me being reckless?
I have a good memory... everytime my murderer reincarnates, he seems to always have the same face and same sharingan.
The pain seemed to get worse, both fire and the cold grip. I gasped when I felt claws pierce my skin, not used to the pain of being impaled... see, dragon demons have insanely tough skin; there aren't many things that can cut us. So when we get impaled, it hurts. The fox smiled, one of his numerous tails coming close to hitting me. Yes, apparently a fox can smile.
For a long time I was battling the Nine Tailed Fox, even in his previous host, a girl with fiery red hair like my own. We are a close match, too, untill he found out how to get around my defense and taunt me with what hurts the most. Yes, demons can feel emotional pain, too. Eventually I got battered into my present weakened state - my will of fire was diminishing, my will to fight following along with my strength.
But that doesn't mean I will give up easily, even in this state.
"You can't run from me forever, I'll find you even after I fully reform." I spoke tauntingly to him, a faint smirk playing across my lips. We demons are never truly "Destroyed"... we can be torn apart and turned to dust, but that only makes the time to reform longer. Once we are sent down to hell, we begin to reform to our previous level of power. Usually it takes hundreds of years or more, depending on how badly the demon is beat up.
Apparently the Nine-tailed fox didn't like my taunt, and squeezed harder, appearing to enjoy the look of pain that had shown across my face. Take it all in, because this is the only time you'll see me like this... Assuming I get out of this, of course.
My powers are worn down, and same with his; especially since he just got extracted from his previous host not too long ago. Trust me, it wears a demon out when we are extracted... especially forceful extractions. "Is that all you got? Bring it!!" I snapped at him, my draconic tail darting towards his wrist. If I got lucky, I'd hit the Fox in a vital spot. If not... well at least I caused him pain.
He laughed, running his thumb-claw down my cheek, blood gushing out of the facial wound. "You're still fighting? Give up. It's futile to keep on fighting, succumb to the inevit---"
"Still only talk, I see?" Even with a claw digging into the side of my face, I had spunk.
He growled, his hand tightening around my torso so much I felt like I was going to explode. His strength was waning, I could see that; one of us would fail very soon. The difference between us is that if I failed, I'd just come back for more. He on the other hand would probably avoid me or sabotage me with a different demon. If he had his full strength and I was in my present weakened state, then I would already be dead - more dead than I already am, of course.
What he said next, was lost. My ears blacked out - I couldn't hear anything, except for a static-like sound that seemed to get louder, making me want to put my hands over my ears or swat at whatever was nearby. My vision began to fill with red dots, lurching to the side as if I suddenly was pulled by an invisible force. Though during this, the fox and his grip remained ever present, the flame leaving my body slowly leaving it ice cold. I didn't even notice when his claw left my face.
And then suddenly sound came into my ears... cries for help and pain (In one case mommy), and what sounded like projectiles hitting something dangerously close. My demonic mind registered these noises as something I knew only too well: war.
Is it still the Great Ninja War? I wondered, blinking as a forest filled my vision. In hell, time doesn't seem to matter that much - everything just blurs together.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone who looked dangerously familiar; Madara Uchiha. So this must be in the middle or the end of the war? I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but he was standing on top of the Nine-tailed Fox's head himself, Kitsune-san's hate-filled eyes glaring at me, as if to say that he wanted to continue later. Yes, I nicknamed the Nine-Tailed Fox Kitsune-san... it fits, with how he's a fox and all.
"For Konoha!!" One of the ninja yelled, preforming a handsign.
I could care less about the ninja's attack as I staggered to my feet, my fiery red hair cascading down my back and concealing my face as I lept upwards. I enjoy being at the sidelines of war, but not viewing it - seeing innocents being killed never made me feel that good. I'd rather prefer to interfere subtly, and watch my art of diversion and manipulation take place from the sidelines.
The feeling of life made me feel exhillerated as I lept from tree to tree, my only destination away from the Fox. That was easy, but staying away from the Fox - not so much. He tends to always find what he's looking for, especially if it's unfinished business.
The force of the explosion knocked me forward, shooting towards a set of buildings that seemed to resemble eachother. My torso ached with strained bones, feeling even more pain as I crashed into the ground, skidding to a stop meters away, dust billowing up from the ground in my wake. "Mmgahhh..." I managed, my throat feeling like it had decided to swallow red-hot coals repeatedly.
"Miss?" I heard the voice of a human - young human, aproximately 11 or 10 - spoke nearby, oblivious to the disaster just outside of his village.
My emerald green eyes opened, the cat-eye slits meeting up with red sharingan, making my blood run cold.
"Miss?" He repeated, his attention altered to the horns growing on my head, and the dragon-like tail curling around my left leg.
Another explosion.
But this time, everything went an emotionless, black.

My vision blurred, a sillhouette resembling something akin to a pineapple looming over me. Well isn't this lovely... I thought. Now I'm seeing fruits on my first day back up out of hell.
The pineapple began to have features, and I realized that it wasn't exactly a pineapple - just a brown haired man who decided to get a spiked ponytail. "She's awake." He spoke, the sound making me feel like holding my hands over my ears. My ears felt as if they were going to burst.
"Eh? The cute one---"
"Baka!! She can hear you!!" I heard the female voice snap at the male voice, shortly followed by what sounded like a slap.
So I mumbled something intelligent like, "mmgah..." as I lifted my hand to my forehead, relieved to find that strength was already pooling back into my body.
"How are you doing?" The female asked, her face peering over at me. She had blonde hair that was tied back, a few large pieces seeming to escape its bounds and hung over the sides of her face. Hazel eyes examined me, her pale hand checking my temperature.
"Just peachy." I winced; it still hurt to talk. My throat felt improved, though it still felt like metal was scraping against eachother inside.
"You sound peachy." A velvet, sly voice spoke sarcastically, my head turning towards the source. My slitted emerald green eyes examined the albino-pale man, taking in his snake-like eyes and raven black hair that hung loose to his waist. If I could put him into any word, I'd say that he resembled the likeliness of a snake perfectly - minus the scales and all.
The white-haired man placed a hand on the albino's hair, giving him a light nuggie while the albino glared at him. His slap mark was still visible on his left cheek. "Don't mind Orochimaru, he's just sarcastic like that. Me on the other hand..."
"Oh Jiraiya will boast until you feel like gouging your ears out." The female retorted, crossing her arms across her large chest.
"Tsunade-san! You're too cruel." Jiraiya smirked, feigning offense.
Jiraya, Orochimaru, Tsunade... I don't recognize those names. Heck, when I was last here there wasn't anyone in Konoha with those names. Assuming I am in Konoha, of course. I thought, my eyes noticing the leaf headband on one of the ninjas standing guard at the door of the hospital room. A ninja guarding the hospital room? Not commonly seen. But I guess I could be seen as a threat, with how I miraculously appeared last night in my demon form... speaking of last night... what happened?
The pineapple-guy nodded, my attention adverted back to him to examine him. He was clean and shaven, with minimal scars on his defined and sharp face. He would be considered handsome with women, just minus the fact that he just looks... old. Even his pineapple brown hair is showing signs of grey hair.
"My work is done here?" He questioned, raising a brown eyebrow to the three.
Tsunade nodded... apparently she would be the leader of the three; she's more mature and level-headed... at least I think she is. "Satoshi, please report to Hokage-sama before you return to your designated duties?"
"Hai." Satoshi bowed, taking his leave as he left the hospital room. Which left me with the albino, the perv, and Tsunade.
"So, what's your story?" Orochimaru spoke in his velvet voice, his gaze examining me, resting on my horns at the top of my head.
So, this is where you'd expect me to tell the truth, and get them on my side then miraculously defeat the Nine Tailed Fox and Madara with the help of Konoha.
Unfortunately, that was never my style. I prefer to work alone, or with minimal comrades.
So what should I say for an alibi? I can't say I forgot, because they could easily get a mind shinobi to take a peek inside my mind. I don't think that shinobi would enjoy going insane from the wards and barriers I've put up inside of there. "I'm a traveller; I come from the Sand Village looking for Konoha for sightseeing, but unfortunately I got lost in the woods."
"When the ANBU found you they said that you were in the Uchiha district?" Tsunade questioned... I didn't like the way she was looking at me, examining everything I do. Looks like I'll have to be extra careful about lying.
"The blast from..." I trailed off, my expression fading to confusion and terror of a past memory. That wasn't hard to fiegn. "What was that thing? I was trying to run away but the blast..."
Tsunade's expression became sympathetic, but she continued to examine me. It was Jiraiya's turn to speak now. "Don't worry, the Fox has been taken care of with minimal damage. We wouldn't let you be fatally hurt, anyway..." He flashed a smile, as if trying to make me attracted to him or something. I've seen this before; really, it gets old after the first 200 years.
"Jiraiya, quit it. Can't you see she clearly isn't interested?" Orochimaru teased Jiraiya, his snake-like eyes full of mischief. If he didn't resemble Micheal Jackson, I might've thought he was hot.
"Do you remember anything else before the blast when you saw the Fox?" Tsunade prodded, ignoring the other two after shooting them a glare.
"No, I can't." I spoke after appearing to think hard, resting my chin in my hand, leaving out the part of Madara.
"Hmm..." She nodded, probably making a mental note of what I said and my body language, speaking as if to herself. "Maybe we can get the Yamanaka clan to examine her memories, in case she can't remember anything through shock."
"Tsunade san... leave the poor girl alone. She doesn't know anymore." Jiraiya looked at me again, his expression showing to sign of lying.
"Hmm. Fine. And don't tell me what to do!" She snapped at him, turning back to me with a pleasant smile returning back to her face. Dang, I seriously don't want to get her angry. "Take another check-up, and then you will be free to go. Are you staying with any relitaves...?"
"No I'm not, I was thinking about staying in a hotel for a few days before I return to Sunagakure, though."
"You could always stay with me..." Jiraiya began, only to be slapped by Tsunade. "Hey!! It was only a suggestion!!"
Orochimaru snickered, leaning against the counter next to the window. Next to the sunlight, he looked like a black snake in a snow-filled landscape... oh god, now I'm getting poetic. Kill me now.
I sat up completely, my tail moving mindlessly towards the edge of the bed, wrapping around the sheet. His eyes noticed my tail, an he appeared more curious. Apparently Orochimaru must like biology.
"Excuse me.. but what are yo---" Another slap across Jiraiya's face, and it wasn't even Jiraiya sspeaking.
"Hey!! What did I do!!"
"It's because Orochimaru is too far."
"You're too cruel..."
"Oh! You noticed...?" I spoke in a fake innocent voice, my tail moving to curl around my elbow. I appeared to look perfectly human, except for the cat-eye slit pupils, fangs, insanely sharp nails, horns and tail. Yep, just your average human coming in for a check up in the hospital. "Honestly I don't know... I grew up on the Sunakagure streets alone, so I was an orphan... I've never really found any family history."
Ah, lying is like a second nature.
"Snake Boy specializes in biology, if you want to find out you could always talk to him." Jiraiya offered, Orochimaru glaring at him for the nickname.
"I'll keep that in mind."
"Have a nice time in Konoha," Tsunade smiled warmly, despite grabbing Jiraiya by the ear and dragging him out, Orochimaru shortly following.
Before Orochimaru left, he looked at me, speaking in a quiet, silky tone. "Don't think you can hide."
Well when an albino who resembles MJ says that to you, you'd get a little unnerved, too. I shivered lightly, shaking my head I stood. The good thing about having a demonic body, is that you heal and gain strength much faster than regular humans.
But what I needed right now, was clothes.
Skipping the checkup, I opened the window of my room, and jumped out gracefully - I didn't mind stealing from a few clothes lines.

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Yuta Sayu


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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:47 pm

I'm done ^^
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Nue Denkou
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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:12 pm

This is too much stuff for me to read and you didnt copy the code from the Character template so its very untidy... so im just gonna do it piece by piece...firstly Akatsuki is closed as are S-Rank rouge spots,..

Now for the first part of your kekke genkai Your manipulation of shadow is basically the Nara's with otu hand signs or jutsu names, Shadow manipulation is shadow manipulation, a Nara custom could have some shadow techniques which allow them to solidify their shadow into a weapon of sorts, also Shadow Manipulation itself is not a Kekke Genkai but a Hiden technique passed through generation not blood. We are not allowing basically copies of both Cannon and Costume Kekke genkais

You say your char is a founder...and yet you also say the founders were Dragon demons? so your a demon? what makes you think akatsuki would not capture you?

Anyway continuing, kekke genkai is just making you over powered to have all senses so heightend and still having skin thats equivalent to dragon armor which you dont even specify how powerful it is..., you basically have three kekke genkais the shadow, the heighted inhuman abilities and still have a doujutsu going on...

ANyway i skimmed the upper portion of your bio were not allowing too close a relationship between cannons and what is this thing about Being summoned by Madara's not so dead brother? hes dead it says so in the data book dieing in battle even though he was blind..but then again we dont know that for sure so dont bring it up. and How long have you been living exactly? are you a demon manifested in human form? cause if your char itself is a demon i'm not sure that is gonna be allowed...
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Yuta Sayu


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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:42 pm

lol sorry about the length xD I'm used to doing it long so people don't think I'm a newb
Like I said in there, the Sayu clan is a distant relitave to the Nara clan... so the technique of shadow manipulation has been passed down, altered, and made into todays' Nara technique. The demonic part of the Sayu blood allows the Sayu clan to have the capability to manipulate the shadows easier to their will, using their mind.
The clan was originally made up of Dragon demons, then dragon demon hybrids (Half human half demon)... the Akatsuki are after the tailed demons; the dragon demons are lesser compaired to the power of the tailed demons. So, one dragon demons' chakra wouldn't be enough to be equivelant to a tailed demons' chakra, rendering them useless to the Akatsuki.
But I changed that since she can't be in Akatsuki, so she's wanted by them now.
Their kekke genkai focuses on physical and mental attributes... what I meant by the shadow manipulation is that it's easy for people sharing Sayu blood to harness the ability over shadow. Since Yuta is a dragon demon, she would of course have hightened senses, the tough skin is only part of it. I'll fix the description on it... pretty much it's hard enough for a kunai to not be able to pass through, but vulnerble to ninjutsu. Example: chidori and rasangan would pass through her skin no problem.
Like I said, the kekke genkai focuses on the physical and mental aspect... so it's all one package. I can cut down on the eye kekke genkai a little bit if you want or leave it out of the app?
And I must've worded the bio wrong xD she was summoned by Madara himself by mistake when he summoned the Kyuubi... if you read my RP sample you'll understand how that happened. So yeah, his brother is dead... sry for the misunderstanding. Madara's brother was the one who killed her at the beginning of the last war, but that doesn't change his cannon history or Madara's... they weren't close.
Basically Yuta is a demon, but a large portion of her power has been sealed within herself to give herself a human appearance and the equivalent amount of chakra of a regular human. So when I RP with her, she looks, fight, and acts like any other human ninja.
Oh! And about age... the Sayu clan came into being at early ninja history but in the manga it didn't say anything about when that was... so I'll say 400. Also, I'll edit the app to explain how that's possible xD
We could put limits to how she can remove her seal if you want? I don't want to overpower her ^^

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The Black Reaper::ANBU

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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:35 am

As Nue pointed out no Close relationships to Cannons are allowed so Madara summoning you is a no no and how would he summon you? you have a contract with him or something? if your dead how can he summon you? your dead what he has the ability to bring people back to life?. also..if Madara's brother killed you how are you alive now? and he died before the first great ninja would he be around for the third? if your dead your dead your not coming back so far it seems you have some sort of Immortality complex if your gonna live for ever because your a demon then do so but if you die your dead .the fox wouldnt be in hell if Madara summoned it but in its own dimension (Like the 3-tails) or where ever it was on the earth

Please take out the stuff about demons regrowing or something...if the demons die they literally die, if they were gonna come back they wouldn't be so scared of dieing

Also please keep from Cannon history if your gonna involve them do it to a Minor Sharingan coming from your clan is a no, edit in your kekek Genkai it being the mother of the Byakugon and Sharingan...and the reincarnation bit of raze, so he just gets reincarnated like that?? whats stopping everyone from being reincarnated is he special or somthing?

Shadow Manipulation as Kekke genkai - Denied (You would just be depriving people who wanna make a Nara and only have Shadow manipulation while youll have it and more..)

S-Ranked Jounin is equivalent to Sannin which no one is allowed to start at
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Yuta Sayu


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I didn't know that about the Kyuubi, sorry ^^ Basically I saw it as demons returning to hell when their earth-forms are annhilated, so sort of immortality while at the same time not.
I'll edit the rest right now (:
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Yuta Sayu


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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:07 am

actually I'm gonna scrap this charrie, I'm good with just Blondie xD
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PostSubject: Re: Yuta Sayu (scrapped)   

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Yuta Sayu (scrapped)
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