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the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
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Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

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 Willow Saren

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PostSubject: Willow Saren   Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:28 pm

Basic Info

Name: Willow Saren

Nickname/Alias: None

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Important Family Members: Her Father

Personality: At a first glance, one could assume that Willow is your everyday reserved/self-conscious 17 year old girl. One might expect that someone of her age would spend most of their time buried in scrolls, attempting to further their abilities/knowledge of the Shinobi ways. However, in her opinion, boos are boring and people provide a much more practical/interesting source knowledge. It's rare for Willow to go anywhere in public by herself, it could even be said that she fears being alone.

Being the oldest of four children has caused Willow be extremely protective of her siblings and her friends. She will get defensive when anyone does as little as glare at them when she is around, regardless of who they are. There have been numerous incidents through her life in which Willow has found herself in a fairly needless fight, simply to protect the honor of a family member or a friend.

Willow is a fun lover and does not always follow the rules that have been established and nor does she follow convention. She will speak her mind with little regard to the consequences, if she believes it will be entertaining. She challenges the authority of her superiors and rarely does as she is told to and easily gets annoyed at those who follow the rules closely. She doesn't do this simply to 'be a rebel', Willow acts the way she does because she believe that there's no fun in conformity.

Although Willow is definitely not an introvert, she is not a loud-mouth. Frequent arguments with siblings also have a negative effect on her emotional state. Willow never forgives, nor does she ever forget. If someone was to wrong Willow in a major way, she would extract her vengeance in a way she deemed to be amusing, then forget about the whole thing. In tandem with this harsh-attitude, Willow tends never to trust people, though she is talented at manipulating them into trusting her. Though this is a large character flaw; she can't help her attitude.

Willow has a few close friends and most of them are people she grew up knowing, like her family and a few people she knew from her home town; along with a handful of people from her shinobi life. One of the most important relationships in her life is the one she has with her twin sister, Ali. She and Ali are very different in personality and appearance, but Willow relies on her sister for more than she knows; Ali is one of the few people who can stop Willow from taking her games of manipulation too far. While Ali is patient and understanding, Willow is quick to react and cold. Willow's strengths lie primarily in standing up for what she believes in; her own entertainment. In her opinion, life is simply a game which she was born to control; everyone else (minus those she considers to be true friends/family) is simply a toy to be played with and eventually, once she has grown bored of them, tossed away.

General Appearance

Basic looks Up close

Full view
Willows build is on the slight side of average in most areas, though she has gone through puberty and has developed curves envied by most girls. She stands just 4 inches under 6 foot tall. She has a short torso and long arms and legs. As a child, Willow was always told to sit up straight and as a young adult, she has actually learned to do so most of the time. Despite being confident about being so tall, Willow still occasionally suffers from feelings of inadequacy; this often results in her standing slightly on her toes when in the presence of those taller than her.

Her skin is naturally on the pale side and when she goes out in the sun, her cheeks become pink. Even in the middle of the summer, she does not tan easily; Willow's body has become used to the sun over the years, limiting sunburn. Not a single freckle adorn her face despite her skin type, nor anywhere else on her body.

Willow inherited most of her father’s looks and as a result, she has straight hair that is naturally very close to midnight black. She keeps it cut approximately shoulder-length, except for her fringe and bangs which hang at her eyes and shoulders respectively. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t curl one bit. Through the use of hair-dye, Willow can often be seen with a tinge of deep blue or purple through her hair; though it can hardly be noticed over the black.

Like her father, she has a thin nose that turns up slightly at the tip. From a profile view, it protrudes a bit less than the average nose, giving her the typical 'cutie' look. Willow always smiles, proud of the fact she is one of the few gifted with what can only be described as perfect teeth; they sit straight and peal white through her mouth, creating a dazzling contrast with her hair when she smiles. Her lips are naturally thin and tinted a very light pink in color. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of Deep-Blue and adorned by long eyelashes. She constantly wears make-up, with eye-liner and shadow that borderlines excessive. She communicates most of her expressions with her eyes, most notably glee, when she subconsciously widens them, causing them to glimmer in sunlight.

Whenever Willow is doing something official within her village, or is simply training or performing some other shinobi-orientated activity, she wears what she likes to call her 'Battle Kimono'. This Kimono is basically a micro-short black mini-dress adorned with a black patter to form waves. The dress is sleeveless and reached around a quarter of the way down her thighs. The emblem of Kirigakure is formed by two of the patterned-waves colliding over her left breast. When not in uniform, Willow generally wears a fairly simple black and white kimono. When not in uniform, her style remains mostly the same. Alot of dangerously-short clothing which her figure more-than pulls off perfectly, long white dress-gloves, short-heeled boots etc etc.

Height: 5’8

Weight: 142
preferred wardrobe: Her short, black mini dress

Extra Features: 6 very faint crosses on her forehead

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: (Just The Name of it)

Description: (Description of abilities)

Physical Traits (Any physical traits that your Kkg gives you)

Ability Overview (a quick list of the bloodline abilities)

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin
Letter RankA
[i]Group affiliation

- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Kenjutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Wind
Secondary Element Water
Advanced Element Lightning
Combination (Only if Clan based.)

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)
Water Jutsu
Lightning Jutsu
Wind Jutsu

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: Loki woke up not wanting to get out of bed, his hair extremly messy. He knew he had an important mission though so he got out of bed and started putting on his cloths. He put on his pants and his jounin vest and he started to pack up his scrolls, medical supllys, and a snack for the road. He put on his Tench coat and walked out of his house towards the Raikage's office. Right as he got to the door he saw a man with no shoes walk out of the office flashing a scroll at Loki. It was a mission scroll that said they were teammates on this mission. The man kept walking by and Loki asked " Hey whats your name?" the man didn't answer and Loki continued to batter him with questions to no avail. "Whatever lets just finish this mission"

When they got to sunagakure the Anbu were kind and lively. We walked into the Kazekage's office and saw a missing nin who used to be from konohagakure. He knocked on the door rather loudly, walked in, and spoke to the sleepign Kazekage in a rude tone. Loki heard his teammate say ""Hi, are you here to see the Kazekage as well?" to the missing ninja. Loki just sighed, ignoring them, and walked in standing in the middle of the room stading politely waiting for the kazekage to wake up.

The Beginning: 0-13
Daemyn Saren, a proud and well-respected Kirigakure Shinobi from a long line of Shinobi, met Annora Wallace, a shinoi whom was the first of her family ever to have practiced ninja arts. Annora had been running around the village one day, far from her usual haunts when she got herself lost. It was in her blind-wandering, that she ran into Daemyn. She and Daemyn was a freshly made Jounin, whilst Annora was a Chunnin well on her path. They became close friends and were eventually engaged, then married. Daemyn’s entire family were shinbo and they were apprehensive about his marriage to Annora, as she was the only ninja out of an entire family. However, after seeing how happy their son was, Zachariah and Leah Saren, Daemyn's parents, could hardly refuse giving their son permission to marry Annora.

Once they were married, Daemyn and Annora left the village, on peaceful terms (With the permission of the Mizukage); and moved to a small village nestled in the mountains of Earth Country. Three years after their marriage, the fraternal twins were born. The older of the two, born just before midnight on January 9th was named Willow and the younger, born very early in the morning on January 10th, was named Alilika, or Ali for short. Two years later, Kalare was born. Daniel, the twins’ younger brother, is six years younger than they are. Annora works at home, taking care of the children whilst Daemyn set up shop as the villages healer; seeming as he was talented with Ijutsu.

Willow and Ali were taught at home by their mother, but Willow always found that she was closer to her father. Like Daemyn, Willow was passionate about the arts and skills of shinobi. She loved to listen to her father tell stories about his years as a shinobi of the mist; all the way from an academy student learning his first jutsu, to defeating bands of pirates as a Jounin. Her father worked most of the day, so Willow would stay up late into the night asking Daemyn questions about how Chakra worked and other various shinobi-related topics. She remembers almost everything her father told her and she can recall that information quickly.

When Willow was only six years of age, she began to suffer for an ailment that not even her father, a respected Ijutsu Master, could cure. It lasted several days. It started out with just simple headache, but it escalated. Within a few days, the young girl was suffering from intense migraines and lashing out at anyone who would come near her. Eventually, blood began to trickle from her forehead. Hours later, after the blood had stopped; Willow felt different. It was as if she had been reborn and to show for it, she sported 6 small crosses upon her forehead.

As Wilow was growing up, she developed a taste for her own satisfaction. She began to belive that doing whatever she could to make her own life more pleasurable; was the right thing to do. This began with when Willow would be ordered to clean her room. Instead of doing it, she would manipulate her sister into doing it for her whilst she relaxed. Though a small act, it was the start of a long path.

When Willow was about seven or eight, she began showing signs of basic shinobi-abilities. One night, she fell out of the top bunk on the bed she and Ali shared – Willow slept on the top and Ali, on the bottom (Alie had been given the top but Willow had convinced her to trade). Her overprotective father rushed into the room, but other than being upset that “Barkley” (her favourite stuffed animal – a wolf) was still up on the bed and she wasn’t, Willow was perfectly fine.

Shinobi Academy: 13-14
Just after the twins’ thirteenth birthday, their father decided to send them back to Kirigakure, to attend/board the Shinobi Academy of the Mist. The following summer whilst they were staying at home on holidays, Willow and Ali were arguing more than ever before. Even their mother could not step in and settle their arguments. Willow had a boyfriend – Roger – that she had the academy and Ali was jealous (In actually fact, Willow had 3 boyfriends). As Willow and Roger sat down to a semi-supervised dinner that Mrs. Saren had prepared for them, Ali hid in the curtains. It wasn't until part-way through the meal that a simply sneeze caused Ali to reveal herself. Roger, went beserk; screaming at Ali. Oddly enough, Willow lept in to he sisters aide, landing a punch directly to the bridge of the boys nose. From that day on, the two sisters remained closer than any other relationships either of them had with others.

The Genin Year: 14-15
Willow had excelled through the academy, becoming a Genin at the age of 14; completing her courses in the span of a single year. Her first year of a Genin was fairly simple; she went through a string of boyfriends, all of whom she manipulated and played with for her own enjoyment. She was a queen-bee of sorts, priding herself on being envied and hated by nearly everyone. Sure, she knew she was hated; but Willow didn't care because she knew that aslong as she acted the way she did, people would pretend to love her which still led to them doing whatever she wished.

Peace of Chuunin: 15-17
By 15 and a half, Willow had passed her Chunnin exams. Like most others, these exams had been held in the forest of Death, following the usual format. She had been pared in a team with her sister and a boy named Senith. Sentih was a monster of a boy, reaching almost 7ft tall; clearly he was a taijutsu user. The team of three excelled in the exam, more than living up to their villages nickname; 'The Bloody Mist'. The team alone killed 4 Genin. Ofcourse these were officially assumed to be tragic accidents, simply kids losing abit of control over their power. But everyone knew the truth.

Not alot happen through Willow's life over the next 2 and a bit years. She and her sister simply lived the life of Shinobi, completing various missions and what not. Her Chuunin exam team became her permanent team; they didn't have a Jounin supervisor, though this wasn't uncommon within the Mist.

Risen from Ashes: 17-Present
Nothing major happened within Willow's seemingly sheltered life until she was around 17 and a half years old. She and her team were guarding a supplies convoy coming into the mist from the Land of Waves. The team was spread out at equal intervals; Senith at the front, Willow in the middle and Ali at the rear. All was going well, until jets of flames erupted out from the trees; aimed just above the convoy.

Willow acted off reflex alone, diving into the trees in an attempt to find the attacks. But, as she went into the forest, they came out of it. It took her a few moments to realize she was alone. The screams coming from the convoy caused her to race back out of the tree's. By the time she made it back, there were bodies all over the place. Many of them were dressed in the same purple armor, clearly the raiders. She didn't have much time to take in the scene. A few moments after coming into the open, a large sword skimmed just over-head as Willow ducked under it, attempting to plunge a blade into the torso of the attacker. Somehow, she missed. The attacked moved at dazzling speeds. It wasn't until now that the truth dawned upon the young girl; these weren't just bandit raiders, these were Samurai.

The man charged again, sweeping his blade up; Willow dodged. Their dance continued for a few more seconds until Willow got a lucky break. The samurai slipped slightly on a slick rock, loosing his balance and allow Willow to send her blade sailing through his jugular. The battle raged. Willow slew countless Samurai twirling her blade in and out of weak flesh until the entire forest wreaked of blood. After what must have been hours, the fighting was over. There were bodies everywhere. Willow herself had killed over 15 Samurai single handedly, but there were far more bodies than just those whom had died by her hand.

Willow picked her way through the dead, looking for any friendly survivors. There was just one, Ali. She hoisted her baby sister up and began to run. It took Willow 2 days to complete the 4 day trip with her baby sister draped over her shoulders. When she reached the village, Willow collapsed in total exhaustion, slipping into a coma. She didn't awake for two weeks; at which time she found herself in hospital her bed surrounded by her mother and father, aswell as a man she had not met before.

The Mizukage was standing there, looking over Ali as she stirred and opened her eyes. They spoke for awhile, after which the Mizukage presented Willow with the title of Jounin. Over time, Willow and her sister both made a full recovery. Bother Willow and Ali continue to serve as shinobi of the Mist; following in their fathers footsteps. changing.

Name: Obscured Dreams, Fumei Mirei

Rank: A

Owner: Willow Saren


Length: 2 and half feet.

Width: The blade is six inches wide and the hand is only 2 inches wide.

Material: An old chakra metal that quickly adapts to the chakra of the holder, however if the holder does not have enough chakra to equal that of the sword, the sword will not be able to be held. The handle of the blade is made of the wood from a Mokuton user and was given to Willow as a gift from the Mizukage.

Weight: 32 lbs. However if the blade accepts your chakra then it feels weightless, however since the blade was built for Willow, Willow's chakra is the only one it is used to.

Abilities: The blade has chakra abilities. If the blade accepts your chakra it can do two things. First it allows you to manipulate the blade as if it weighed nothing. The second all depends on your birth element. If your element is fire the gun part will shoot out a strong fire ball. If your element is water it will shoot out a water ball. If your element is earth it will become covered in rock and be twice as strong. If your element is Lightning your gun will surge with Lightning and have a paralysis effect. If you have the element of Wind your blade has a super thin cut rate. However, Willow's element is fire so her blade can cut through steel
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Willow Saren
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