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Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:24 pm by Trinixprince
the medical ninjas are the most essential in a battle in for ninjas to last long in battle and do not disregard them as lowest level

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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:32 am by Hei Denkou
Leaf needs a New Hokage and since i made the leader system no one can actually just claim it, So the village must decide an Rp in the Hokage building should be created as a meeting of sorts or you can vote somewhere else..
Read here for more info:

Disregard the topics/Posts needed as it is not actually needed

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 Sketh Tsujimoto {WIP}

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PostSubject: Sketh Tsujimoto {WIP}   Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:04 am

Name: Tsujimoto Sketh

Nickname: The Black Dog

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Rank: A-Rank Rogue.

Former Rank: Jounin

Former Village: Kirigakure


Elements: Water

Main: Water
Subs: N/A

Kekke Genkai: N/A

Personality: Sketh is a very calm,rational and sort of lazy individual,the type of person that always keeps a straight face ninety percent of the time. Sketh also has a very keen sense of things,such as his surroundings or if he's being followed. This is most likely due to his keen sense of smell and hearing. He has a very bad habit of ignoring people and a very short attention span,most things only keeping his attention for a few minutes before he leaves and does something else. Sketh also has a habit of speaking bluntly about things and will state the obvious just make other people mad,in other words,if there was a giant turtle in front of someone and they yelled out "What is that?!". He would say "A giant Turtle" with a straight face. There is nothing that can push Sketh into a angry rage,though he has no trouble getting into fights if one is started,he hardly cares if people insult him. Skeths attitude is what normally makes people mad at him,whether it be ignoring a person who is talking to him or pointing out the obvious to make someone look stupid. He hardly ever eats but when he does he is seen,most of the time,eating red-bean soup which happens to be his favourite meal,his least favourite being fried fish.


Bio: The academy:
Once sketh entered the academy at the age of 5,he was one of the lazier kids in the school. He slept in class,ignored the teachers, and just basically said "Screw it". He hated the school and all its rules,including having to take orders from other people. Though he did love ninjutsu he chose to practice by himself instead and learn his own jutsu. Skeths grades were in the top three. This surprised the teachers since they only saw him sleep during class or ignore the lesson. He was one of the more laid back kids but got into many fights with the other students,they seemed to hate him because of his attitude and lazy habits. He won many fights that he got into but he really never started them,he was to lazy and lacked the motivation to start one. He was yelled at many times for hurting the other students so much that the student he beat couldn't move at all. Sketh was in the academy for 2 years since he was put into its classes,during those to years,even though the teachers didn't know it,he learned almost every thing they were teaching and once sketh passed the graduation exam,he became a genin and became even more lazy in his duties.

Genin arch:
When sketh graduated from the academy with the other students that did,he hardly cared. He,being a lazy kid that he was,moved off in silence until it was time to meet his sensei. After meeting with his sensei he,again,left off on his own and only stayed together with his team for the missions. He hated the lower ranked missions and always seemed to complain about them. He did many jutsu with his team mates and sensei,although he complained about it the whole time. During his time with his team he only spent it training,complaining and even more training. Now that he was a ninja he could careless about the regulations and the rules. When he did missions,such as pulling weeds or chasing animals he normally wandered off some place to either sleep or practice his ninjutsu. Once he was found he would get yelled at but he figured it was a small price to pay for good training,or better yet,a good nap. During missions such as catching small pets he would always be the first to find them due to his keen sense of smell,even though he would just let them go in the end. He did,how ever,complete many missions with his team and did impress his Teacher and Teammates with his sense of smell,with this ability he was able to move up and take the chuunin exam and pass them.

Chuunin arch:
Once Sketh became a chuunin his laziness was almost gone,as if it had been cured by the new missions he was able to go on,no more chasing dogs or cats. These missions seemed to give Sketh a extra boost in his training even though he trained daily,he trained much more then usual and went on many missions with his team that passed the chuunin exam with him. He was very well suited for the fights that came with his missions. His jutsu were his pride,in a sense... After going threw this,he started to hate taking the orders from the mission guide lines.
He felt if he wanted to kill someone he should be allowed to,no not allowed,he should be able to! Sketh was getting more and more blood thirsty with each mission that had him fight. Even going so far as to kill the person he was protecting, He failed the mission but was sent on others,even if one failed it didnt mean he would fail the others. Soon,even after his "Mistake" in killing the person he was protecting,he was promoted to a jounin after taking that exam.

Jounin/rogue arch:
After being promoted to his new rank,he felt he was above taking orders but kept silent about it,only breaking minor rules in his missions that wouldn't really amount to much. He was a very successful jounin at the time,even some of his more dangerous missions went a little more smoothly then they should have. Upon celebrating his new jounin rank he decided to "Cut loose" on one of the missions and instead of capturing a man he was suppose to,he killed him instead. He was still yelled at for failing his missions and various other punishments were given onto him. Nonetheless,he kept his spirits for killing high with his other missions. Even though he was doing the missions the "Right way" ,in his mind anyway,he was getting more and more angry about having to follow precise orders about certain stuff on these missions. The team he was on,while on missions,were even yelling at him,He was sick of it! He decided to put an end to all of his troubles. When on the last mission of his jounin days,he stopped his teammates and instead turned on them. While instead of helping them find the enemy with his keen sense of smell,he surprised and killed them,leaving their bodies hidden in the trees and mist,he killed them even before they left the wave country,and instead of going back,he ran. It was his life,he shouldn't have to follow any orders. He turned his back on the Mist.

RP Sample:
The howling of the wind could be heard as it blew threw the trees,making the leafs flow threw the air as if they were floating. Even the night air was cool with the gentle breeze. The stars could be seen as they shined bright in the night sky,the moons light fell upon everything lighting it up on the cloudless sky. The foot steps of a young man could be heard as he stepped down the gravel road,his feet making a crunching noise with each step. He enjoyed the dark,in fact he preferred it over the day time. He stopped and took a few sniffs of the air around him,taking in the smell of earth that came from the ground after the latest rain that came pouring over the area. The young man stepped forward and continued down the gravel road he was on,the mans name was Sketh. He was wearing a light blue kimono with sweat pants underneath,his jounin vest,his headband tied to his forehead with a cut going threw it, and a black mask pulled over his face,blocking every thing below his eyes. Skeths left eye was red with his right eye being blue,it was due to a genetic defect in his birth and many people avoided him for it. "I love the smell of wet earth.... Escpecally when i go on walks.." the man spoke as he looked up at the sky,watching the stars shine in the heavens above.
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Sketh Tsujimoto {WIP}
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