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New Hokage(ALL LEAF NIN!)
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 Haku's jutsu

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PostSubject: Haku's jutsu   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:09 pm

Makyou Hyoushou - Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors
Viz Translation: Ice Crystal Magic Mirror Technique
Character Use: Haku
Rank: -
Note: Special Bloodline Technique
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack

Makyou Hyoushou is a Ninjutsu technique unique to Haku's bloodline. After forming the necessary hand seals, nearby water forms long flat mirrors 360 degrees around the target. Haku himself then places himself inside one of the mirrors. Once inside the mirror, Haku can then using the mirror reflections to confuse his target. Utilizing the reflections, Haku can then almost instantaneously move from one mirror to the other. Due to the speed, his target will appear to be moving in slow motion. Because of this he can then unleash numerous needles into his opponent with little difficulty. Using this technique for long periods of time however, will quickly use up Haku's chakra.

Hyourou no Jutsu - Ice Prison Technique
Character Use: Kakuyoku Fubuki
Rank: Unknown
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack, Defense
Special Note: Movie One Only
Hyourou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by the Snow ninja Kakuyoku Fubuki. After forming the needed handseals, Fubuki will touch the ground, causing columns of ice to rise from the ground at her foe. If caught, the ice will rise up around her target and imprison them. She can also use this technique as a defensive measure, raising the ice to form a shield against incoming attacks.

Sensatsu Suishou - Death by a Thousand Flying Water Needles
Viz Translation: The Thousand Stinging Needles of Death
Character Use: Haku
Rank: B
Note: Special Bloodline Technique
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack
Sensatsu Suishou is a Ninjutsu technique unique to Haku's bloodline. Unlike every other hand seal, Haku is able to create the technique by forming hand seals on only one hand. To create the needles, Haku forms the needed hand seal and then kicks water into the air with his foot. The water then rises into the air and takes the form of a thousand needles. These needles then come raining down on his target.

Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique
Character Use: Gaara, Haku, Hanzou, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Yondaime Hokage, Yondaime Raikage, etc.
Rank: D
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance.


Kuri Chi (Ice Blood)
Rank: "C"
Skill: Genjutsu
Effect: Using this jutsu the target caught in the illusion will see his/her blood freeze.
Special: Hand seals: Dog - Monkey - Bird

Description:Haku cannot use any other techniques until this technique is canceled, or interfered with. The opponent must be hit with the illusionary senbon in order for the jutsu to work. Unusable in hot climates. By using all of the required hand seals, Haku throws an illusionary senbon, made of ice. If the senbon manages to hit the target, all of the opponent's blood, from any previous wounds, will begin to freeze, making it seem like they are freezing to death.

Shiroi Mizu [White Water]
Rank: ''S''
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: Creates a huge wave of water, infused with wind chakra.
Special: Rat, Monkey, Ox, Dog, Serpent, Hare, Ram, Boar, Dog, Bird, Serpent, Ox.
Drawback: Drains all Haku's chakra but 20% and once it hits the opponent [or misses them by 2 meters] it fills up the ground like a river, meaning it could very easily kill the user if they do not get into the air. The wave also moves quite slowly.
Description: Hakuwill preform the needed handseals. Once done he will throw his palms down onto the ground, which will create water that will consistently build and rise into the air until it is as high as 65 feet. Haku will then move swiftly onto the wave and place his hand into it. By using the necessary wind technique the wave will be pushed forward with great force and destroy everything within a 70 diameter range.(The wave will become icy but still in liquid form and turn white when used with wind element) This wave will slash through and cut everything within it's path. If a person is trapped within the wave they will most likely die from being cut multiple times by tiny ice blades with in the wave or drown to death.

Suiton Soushi (Water Creation)
Rank: “D”, “C”, “B”, “A”, “S”
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: With this technique Haku is able to create water from oxygen in the air for water techniques. When this water is created he can then manipulate the size and shape of the water, controlling it within his radius.
Special: This jutsu can be used as a source of Suiton jutsu without additional handseals.
Drawback: If the water is made for use outside specific jutsu or to manipulate the size/shape of water in their radius, then this jutsu requires handseals.
Description: By using his chakra Haku can manipulate the molecules in the air and allow them to take the shape and form of water. In doing so the user is capable of performing techniques that require a water source. Haku can control water up to 52 cubic meters.

Aisu Soushi (Ice Creation)
Rank: “S”
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: With this technique, Haku is able to create ice out of any source of water around them.
Special: This jutsu when combined with Suiton Soushi can be used as a source for Hyouton jutsu without additional handseals.
Drawback: The water source must be within Haku's Radius. When controlling or Creating Hyouton outside of Hyouton jutsu then the user must perform the required handseals.
Description: By using his chakra Haku can lower the temperature around a body of water at an incredible rate to freeze the water into ice instantly; allowing for ice techniques to be used. Haku can control and freeze ice as far and deep as 52 cubic meters.

Kuri Buki (Ice Harden)
Rank: “D”, “C”, “B”, “A”, “S”
Skill: Ninjutsu/Supplementary
Effect: In Description
Special: N/A
Description: The understanding of this technique allows for Haku to truly harness the power of ice creation. This technique will determine how hard ice created is. At D rank the ice is as solid as regular ice. At C rank the ice is as strong as iron. At B rank the ice is as strong as titanium and cannot be melted with fire techniques below A rank. At A rank the ice is as strong as hard steel and can’t be melted by fire techniques below S rank. At S rank the ice is as strong as adamantine and cannot be melted by fire techniques. This technique is the base of all ice techniques used. The strength of all of Haku's ice technique depends on this.

Koorisuberi (Ice Sliding)
Rank: “D”
Skill: Kekkei Genkai - Ninjutsu, Supplementary
Effect: Allows Haku to move around on the ground or water as if they were skating on ice.
Special: “Hand Seals” – Serpent, Dragon, Tiger
Description: By manipulating water molecules and chakra underneath Haku's feet, Haku can slide across the ground or water as if they were skating on ice allowing them to travel much faster then the average shinobi’s running speed with less strain on his muscles. With each slide, or step a small path or stream of ice is left behind. This technique could be used to trip an opponent off their feet very quickly.

Hyouton: Ice Bomb Sphere
Rank: B
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates a ball of ice which will explode to unleash water needles.
Special: Ox, Hare, Ram.
Description: Haku using his knowledge of Flying Water Needles, this jutsu allows Haku to create various ice bombs to serve as offensive or defensive traps. Haku will use the Water creation jutsu or utilize an existing water source in order to shape the water into a sphere with needles protruding from all sides of the sphere. He will then freeze it after creation, turning them into ice spheres. These spheres will glow with a feint white chakra signalling their active. When Haku is ready, he can form the tiger hand seal and explode the ice spheres, launching the needle contents in a 360 degree radius around the sphere. Unfortunately, the sphere's must be within the Haku's Ice Creation radius in order to be activated.

Makyō Aisu no Bunshin (Demonic Ice Clone)
Rank: “B”
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates a clone made entirely out of ice which is capable of engaging combat.
Special: “Hand Seals” – Tiger, Rat, Serpent, Dragon
Drawback: The clone is only as strong as Haku's level of Kuri Buki.
Description: By using an ice source or creating it, Haku can create fully functional clones made of solid ice which can carry out limited attacks. Unlike other bunshins, the clone(s)’ rock-hard structure make it capable of withstanding multiple physical attacks before dispersing into the original source. The clones can perform techniques known by Haku but only ice release techniques and they can only use the ice source from their own bodies. The clones cannot proceed too far from the user or they will revert to water. The hardness of the clones depend on the level of the Haku's Kuri Buki.

Kibaku Hi (Exploding Ice)
Rank: “B”
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Causes one, or all of the Demonic Ice Clone(s) to explode into a barrage of needles which shoot outwards in all directions.
Special: “Hand Seals” – Tiger
Drawback: Haku is also capable of being hit by the needles also. A limit of 300 needles can be shot from one clone.
Description: Once the jutsu is initiated, any demonic ice clone which can range to a single or any of Haku's choice will immediately explode into a a barrage of ice needles which shoot outwards. Since the jutsu follows the same concept of “Flying Water Needles”, it is required in order to be capable of properly performing the technique. The ice clone must be within Haku's range in order to use the technique. The range is the same as the rank of Haku's Ice Creation technique. (Read ice creation)

Deîpu Furîzu (Deep Freeze)
Rank: "C" "B"
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: Utilizing advanced mechanics of the Water Creation and Ice Creation,Haku forms a ball of water near the freezing point, before hurling it at the target. Once the ball comes in contact with the target; it freezes on contact.
Special: "Eight Handseals"
Description: Utilizing the Water Creation jutsu, Haku will perform eight handseals before swaying his hand in a circular motion. The swaying of his arms drops the temperature of the created water as it begins to forumlate into a ball within one of the his hands (preferably the dominate hand but this is not necessary). When Haku is ready the ball is hurled at the target. The water in question is at a temperature which is near freezing point and instantly freezes upon contact within a meter radius for the B-rank version. The B-rank version is capable of completely freezing anything within the three meter radius; making this variation a death move which means if hit the enemy can freeze solid. The c rank version how ever only freezes the area it hits with a thick layer of ice, but not solid.

Inyou Furīzu (Surrounding Freeze)
Rank: "B"
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: A technique that is used by Haku. This technique is used to entrap and freeze all opponents that are within a specific radius. The strength of the user determines how fast this technique works. The speed of this technique is based on the group of ice that surrounds the user freezes everything in its path and touch.
Special: "Nine Handseals" Holds with the Boar
Drawback: This one has a grand drawback. Things may enter into the radius of the technique but will freeze, because of this, Haku will be open for attacks in projectile like forms. If an opponent hurles a bucket of water into the ice sphere the water will freeze and may very well hit haku, freezing him in place.
Description: This technique starts with Haku being in a horse stance. The user's feet are spread out further past the shoulders. His hands are pushed forward as they concentrate on the water creation along with the ice creation. Quickly forming the few seals, the user ends with the boar seal and holds it. When this occurs the water around Haku in a radius of two meters begins to form as the temperature drops around them. As this occurs, the water cools to near freezing point. Haku will begin to push the technique out into the radius as the cold water begins to cover everything in its path, turning it into ice. The technique needs to actually touch the person in order for the body part to turn into ice. This means that if only fingers touch this technique then only the fingers gets frozen. When using the D Class version of this jutsu; Haku can push this technique within a range of one meter per round. When using the C Class version Haku can push this technique within a range of one and a half meters per round. When using the B Class version, the technique is capable of pushing forth within a radius of two meters per Round. When using the A Class version the Haku is capable of pushing this very technique within a radius of two and a half meters per round. Finally When using the S class version, Haku is capable of pushing the technique at a radius of three meters per round.

Fuyutokou no Shosochi (First Step of the Winter Voyage)
Rank: A
Skill: Ninjutsu.
Effect: Haku cools the temperature in an area to freezing.
Special: Tiger, Rat, Ram, Dragon, Boar, Dog, Snake, Bird.
Drawback: There must be water in the atmosphere if the user is not capable of formulating it.
Description: Haku forms the hand seals, focusing chakra through his body and forcing it outward in a massive field, exceeding the capacities of his aura temporarily in order to cool an area to a temperature of about negative ten degrees Celsius (14 F). This area is incredibly vast, with a radius of about 100 meters. A thin layer of clouds forms overhead in this area, preventing the sun from heating the frozen radius. This technique has no other effect aside from cooling the area to below freezing, chilling atmospheric water vapor and creating a faint mist that hangs over the effected area. This effect, if unaltered, will last for about fifteen posts. The range is 52 meters for this jutsu and cools down everything in it's path.

Ginfuyu Oite Taigairiku (Silver Winter in a Foreign Land)
Rank: S
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Haku causes snow ranging from light showers to deadly blizzards to fall on an area cooled by Fuyutokou no Shosochi.
Special: Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Ram, Bird, Horse, Boar, Dog, Hare, Snake, Monkey, Tiger
Drawback: Haku must have an area affected by Fuyutokou no Shosochi.
Description: Haku forms hand seals, focusing chakra into the latent clouds formed by the Fuyutokou no Shosochi technique. Snow will form within those clouds and begin to fall over the radius of the Fuyutokou no Shosochi. The snow begins as a light falling that lasts for ten rounds, no matter the intensity. At it’s weakest level only five inches of snow will accumulate by the end of the technique. However, at Haku's behest, Haku can command the snow to thicken and become snowing intensely hard, limiting visibility to only a meter or so, as well as driving winds pushing back those within the radius. At it’s highest level of strength, this technique is capable of letting loose two meters of snow over the whole course of the technique.

Hyouketsuzou [freezing image]
Rank: B rank
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: leaves a silhouette of Haku with ice chakra that may moderately freeze the opponent.
Special: hold snake seal when creating
Drawback: if HAku walks into one of these silhouette's he becomes frozen as well the appearance is different from the normal sugizou which can be spotted by the blue tint the image gains from the ice release
Description: this technique can especially be used as a trap, because when the opponent touches the image the ice chakra envelops the part of the opponent that touched the image with a small layer of ice, this layer of ice can only keep an opponent occupied for one turn before they break out, but even then the opponent undergoes under cooling. This technique can be used by back flipping out of the way of a Taijutsu strike leaving behind a image of Haku made of ice with water near freezing point in side the hollow image. Once hit the enemy is encased into an ice prison. The enemy is not dead but can not move. The hardness of this jutsu depends on kiri buki.

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Haku's jutsu
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